Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Still Crazy!...My World, that is!

OK!  So today is the 'Official' first day of my Kid's Summer Vacation...I am going to totally lose my mind!  I Love these little darlings but, man are they loud! The day starts out w/ two shifts of swim team practice at 9 & 10:15...then they are all back home by 11:30 and they are hungry and it's not nice to not feed them lunch.
These kids are major cutting into my work time!  In Ohio, I would have them all scheduled for Camp so they would flow right into that routine.  Here in Texas, though, I jumped on the band wagon too late and missed all the camp sign-ups!  YIKES!

Anyway, I have been working on the Crazy Quilt, among other things.  Here are a few pics:
Crazy Quilt Progress 6-6-11

Close -up of the Daffodil Basket.
I need to add little white seed beads to the greens
in the Basket.

Lest any of you wonder...the silk ribbon Daffodils you see pictured above are the third set of flowersI stitched last night.  They were torn right out the first and second times!  I think there were some choice adult words said in the process...Threes always a charm!  It's such a tiny small space to work in, and have the flowers look recognizeable.  The first set had such monster stitches, that they looked like the Daffodil Warriors!  The second set I was struggling to keep my stitches smaller and that really shows in ribbon-work!  Although they were starting to look like daffodils, finally!  The individual stitches did not look lovely...they looked forced. Yucky, right?  Hate forced stitches!
Finally, about 2AM last night, I caught the rhythm and they worked!  Which is all good, but we all know what this means....I had to keep going until each and every daffodil was complete!  If I had stopped and started over, my hand and tension would have been different....So somewhere in the
neighborhood of 4:30 in the morning, I put the last daffodil stitch in place! 
Here I was, going to bed about 5 AM, just before daybreak, when most normal people are starting to rise from slumber!
But, I went to bed happy, knowing I had a lovely basket of silk ribbon Daffodils to wake upto!
(Oh, 8:30 AM in time to get my Peanut, Olivia, fed and into swim suit & at pool by 9!)
Such is the World of a Stitcher Woman! 


  1. Love your dadfodils and your stories. You inspired me to buy some books on ribbon embroidery and stumpwork. It made for a nice reading on my way to Savannah this weekend and back. Next step, give it a go.
    Great work Kelly, your stitches are amazing.

  2. I love this piece. It is beautiful. Your stitching, as always, is impeccable and inspirational! Thanks, Kelly.