Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rebekkha is Done!

Just in time 
to wish you all 

Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Just think, next year we will have our Elegant Thanksgiving Characters
to grace our Thanksgiving Table or Sideboard!

That Makes me Happy Indeed!

There is still plenty of time to sign up for
The Elegant Thanksgiving 
Stitch Along with Kelly
The Needle Works

Monday, November 7, 2011


 Well Hello Elegant Thanksgiving Stitchers!
Colleen and I are so thrilled you signed up to join us on this Project!
Thank You!
We have lots of fun & goodies, and neat threads and 
 cool techniques in store!
Lesson 1 has just shipped today. 
In your box, you will find your threads and 1st Canvas, Rebekkha!
is all about the backgrounds.
When Colleen and I set about planning the series and the Lessons, we 
came to the realization that it was important to stitch the backgrounds 
the same, throughout the five canvases.
This would keep continuity in the series.  Also, the key focal elements 
in each piece are the central character, the columns and the arched 
Garland above them.
Thus, I wanted the backgrounds to be beautiful but subtle...
because, as the name implies, they are backgrounds.

I LOVE the gorgeous, Deep Claret color of this Background!

Notice how the Laid Fill Stitch, 
in a very subtle manner, fills in 
the Big Blue Sky.  Adding a hint of sparkle
and maximum coverage, while still 
being a small stitch!  It almost looks 
like a fine November Mist is in the 
air, on that first Thanksgiving!

The Clouds have a lacey, ethereal look about them!and definitely let the painted shading give depth to the cloud!

I love how the rocky, craggy hills
of the rustic Coast line are accented by
this modified  Diamond Ray

  The stitch for deep water  and on down into the
shallows, shore-line & sand are the same, but 
use random color and thread changes.  Dictated by the painted color changes, of course!

I am so excited to finish Rebekkha and start the Wampanoag Brave.
He is on stretchers. threads are selected, beads are purchased!
The Squaw and Brave will have Lots O' Beads!  Fun, fun, fun!

So Happy Stitching, All!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pretty Lady!

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she beautiful?
I am working oh so diligently to finish her!  I keep thinking, in the evening when I pick her up to stitch, "Tonight is the night I'll finish her!  I just know it!"  Then, after stitching as long and late as I possibly can, it doesn't happen!  Don't get me wrong, don't be discouraged...there has been a significant amount of  'un-stitching' going on in the process!   
I tried 5 different flesh shades and combinations of them before I was pleased with her
lovely face! 
Pretty Lady!
 The hair is the 3rd set of threads and stitches...more about those
trials and errors when I post Lesson 3!
Once the flesh shading was right, I then did her hands four times.  
The problem with the hands was they need to be 'holding' the basket, 
and the basket is needle-woven!  When they looked wrong, they didn't
look just a little wrong they looked HORRIBLE!  Tee-Hee!
Isn't the Basket choc full o' Fall goodness?
This is one area that needed absolutely no 'un-stitching', HOORAY!
The basket and all of the goodies inside just stitched beautifully the first time 
off the needle!
So, rest assured, She is nearly done, and I will be posting a HUGE celebration on that day!

I leave you with a bit more of my 

Keep on Stitching!
Happy Autumn Everyone!