Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Crazy Quilt is Finished!

All Seam Treatments Done &

Ready to go to Finisher!


in Upper Left Corner:
I LOVE how the 'Circle Seam' follows the irregular edge of the fan!

Partridge & Pear with a Crystal.

The seam treatment running vertically behind the Partridge I call
'Candy Cane Seam.'
The treatment between the sage and tobacco is called,
'Snowflakes on a Twist.' 

Close-up of The Pear and a Crystal or two!

Button Cluster: 

featuring Beads and Crystals.
 I love this so much that I want to add a few more 
buttons elsewhere on the piece!

Bottom right corner:

'Feather and Bead' Treatment falling on red and teal triangles.
'Scrunched Ribbon' falls between teal and black.
I LOVE the 'Spiced Teal Bead Twist' on the other side of the black.
At left, the 'Beaded Wheat Bands'.
and, of course I HAD to have the Silver Tea-cup!  

Close Ups:

Between the black & paisley is 'Ribbon Acanthus Leaf'':
Close up of 'Ribbon Acanthus':

 Basket of Paper Whites:

Close up of 'Beaded Tassel Trim':

Well this was a great Fun Project to work on!
It seemed to go much easier than the Springtime Crazy Quilt.
Probably because I had already worked a similar piece.

 Please have a Happy & Safe New Years Eve everyone &
Happy Stitching!


Monday, December 17, 2012

Kelly's Christmas Crazy Quilt!

A Basket Full of Paper Whites & a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

Christmas Crazy Quilt:

A Basket Full of Paper Whites

and a Stumpwork 

Partridge in a Pear Tree!

Fan in left top corner:
I just can't wait to embellish with the Seam Treatments!

Bottom Right corner:

Backgrounds all done:

 and 1 seam treatment is started!

Next post will be pictures of seam treatments...
I will be starting them as soon as this blog-post is done!
The little Stumpwork Partridge is  done mostly in felted wool.  
He is just adorable and really makes a statement!

I just love all of the various faux fabric patches on this piece!
There are many many threads from Springtime Crazy quilt used
again on this Christmas piece!

Until next time,

Have a Merry, Joyous Christmas

Happy Stitching, one and all!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Saying goodbye to Autumn

It is with a bit of sadness that I put away the Autumn decorations 
each year.  Why?  I can't say for certain.
Do you remember in the 80's when it was the height of
vogue to go to the Estee Lauder cosmetics counter and have your 
personal 'colors' done?
Well, it was determined that I am an Autumn.
Silly, you may say.  But I honestly think this may have something
to do with my fondness for the colors and themes of the Autumnal Season.
My soul feels calmed by the colors.  I truly love
walking through my home when the rich color splashes of nutmeg, olive, 
orange, chrysanthemum, sunflower, goldenrod, pumpkin, allspice, cumin,
cinnamon, squash and moss greet me at every turn.
You are all familiar with my needlepoint...
but may not know that I dabble in other crafts, as well.
Paper mache', wool felt-work and sewing to name a few.
Primitive Folk Artistry type of work.
As I carefully wrapped my Autumn treasures in tissue paper, and 
laid them to rest until next year, I snapped a few pics.

Here is my Farewell to Autumn...

Until the leaves drop again...
Happy stitching...

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Glimpse of Autumn!

In case you were wondering where Kelly has been?  I'll tell you.
I have been sequestered for the past 6 weeks working like a fiend on 
my new product catalogue!  The rough draft was done for the 
Baltimore TNNA Market in mid-Sept.
Surely, it could go from rough to completed in 2-3 weeks max, 
or so I thought.  Wrong!
Why-oh-why does everything take so long?  
Well, in addition to the canvas pictures, there are close up
pictures of all stitched pieces.
 Also, the catalogue  includes some 
fabulous product and decorating shots!  I got a new
Olympus camera with a macro lenz and it takes
pictures of needlework!

The good news is:
All 80 pages were sent to press 
T O D A Y !

Hopefully, the book will be at your Retailers by next week!

Here are a few of the Autumn pics for your viewing pleasure:

You'll hear from me next week...
there is a Turkey coming!

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Koi and a Turkey Preview!

Here is the Profile Shot of this wonderful Koi:
Isn't the height and depth Fantastic?

AS promised, The directions follow:
Step 1:  Assemble Your Supplies.
 The supplies used are: 
1.) Orange sewing thread.(I use either, Molnlycke or Gutermann)
2.) Two shades of 4mm Orange Silk Ribbon.
(I used River Silks #101 & #12)
3.)  A small strip of Orange Felt...any shade will do.
4.) DMC Memory Thread...Orange
5.) Sparkle in Orange from Sundance Designs
6.) A size 24 Tapestry Needle, and a Sharp sewing needle.

Step 2: Cut pieces.
 Cut  3 " lengths of both Memory Thread and Sparkle 

Step 3, 4 & 5: Start the assembly process
Step 3: With the Memory thread, shape your outline for the Koi.
If using the painted canvas..., lay the thread on the painted image,
bending and molding to conform to the outermost shape of the Koi body.
Step 4: Pinch and twist one end of the sparkle thread and tie it firmly with
the sewing thread...leave a good 2 thread tails of 3 inches each.
Step 5: Roll and shape the felt to size of Koi body, then stuff the felt shape 
down the open end of the tube.

Step 6: Attach to canvas 
(In the photo below, I worked in the margin in order to take this shot...
and clearly show how the step looks) 
Lay the pinched end of the tube on painted image, pulling the thread tails 
through and tie down to canvas.  Now, lay the Memory thread shape over 
the top and start to tack down in place.  As you are tacking, catch in the 
sides and edges of the Sparkle stuffed tube.  
(Don't be afraid to really 
smash and mold this into the fish body shape you desire.) 
Cross the lengths of Memory thread over each other at base of fish body, 
smashing the tube flat against the canvas, tacking all in place.  
Curl the excess lengths of Memory thread around a laying tool 
into an elongated spiral.

To Finish:  Ribbon Stitch and Trim
Add Japanese Ribbon Stitches to create dorsal fins at top 
& pectoral fins at bottom. 
The Ribbon stitches for tail should fit around and 
behind the end of the tube.  Trim the Spirals to length of painted 
tail.  Trim the tube to same length.  
Add a black seed bead for fish eye.
To create the Koi 'whiskers', use sharp embroidery scissors. 
 Trim out all of the foil & metallic fibers of tube at 'mouth'.
Trim the remaining hard fibers of tube to desired length.

And that is our Koi!

And now for a few sneak peeks at our Handsome Tom Turkey:

On that Note,
I bid you adieu.
Happy Stitching, one and all! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kelly's New Sampler, Stumpwork, naturally!

Have you seen my new Sampler?
Below is the painted canvas.
Canvas KCA 021-18
Just wait 'til you see the Dimensional stitching!
 I have published a 20 page Stumpwork Work-book for the Sampler.   
It is designed so you can see and learn the various
dimensional techniques.  No, not a Traditional Stitch Guide.
It shows the steps to create the dimensional elements, and it also has
some thread suggestions.  Also, there are 4 pages of Ribbon-work 
techniques and diagrams.  
As far as background stitches...choose what suits.  
Copy my stitches, or pick your own. Have Fun! PLAY! 
This guy gives new meaning to the term a Snail's Pace!
And Don't you just Love the Koi?  He is Fun and magnificent!
Here are the same images stitched on my Gigantic Stumpwork Sampler:

This picture reminds me that I need to add the little Seed beads to Blue Snails feelers!

Some Lucsious Fruit!  At right is the Strawberry on the large Sampler.
A Fabulous Basket!  
Now comes the fun task of filling my Basket with goodies!
I think this may have to be a little Red Riding Hood Basket filled for Grandma?
Hum?  Decisions, decisions!
On a previous canvas I created a similar Basket and filled it with Stitching tools:
This Stitching Basket is from my Classic Stitching Santa.
(KCN S 100 F, available with Stitch Guide)
Don't you just love the Silver Stork Scissors?

More Berries and some Sweet Peas in a Pod!
This Berry/Peapod is actually taken from a different Sampler I did.
This Bees Skep is also taken from the same Sampler.
For the new Sampler, I am thinking of a different twist...'The Bees will be stitched the same,
but I am thinking of Needleweaving the Bees Skep, naturally.
I'll post a pic when that is done!!!!
In case some of you are curious about the Big Sampler,
Here is a Picture:
There is no painted canvas here.  
I just started stitching, and this is what Grew!
I will leave you with one Fantastic Close-up shot:
I just LOVE this Berry Vine!

And on that Note,