Friday, January 20, 2017

What's New from Kelly Clark Studio

What's New at TNNA Market in San Jose, CA.?


Market Special:
KEA 14-18 Vanilla/Lavender Egg
KEA 13-18 Cotton Candy Egg
KEA 14-18 Chocolate Strawberry Egg
The Eggs are 2.5" x 3.5", and come packaged with SG, crystals, pearls and threads.
Grab a set at Sample It! or stop by Booth #801

Here are the rest of the EASTER designs:
Strawberry Damask Egg
KEA 06-18
Chocolate Damask Egg
KEA 08-18
French Vanilla Damask Egg
KEA 07-18

KEA 14-18 Vanilla/Lavender Ribbon Egg
KEA 13-18 Cotton Candy Ribbon Egg
KEA 12-18 Chocolate Ribbon  Egg
Spring Lamb Egg
KEA 01-18
Easter Rabbit Egg
KEA 02-18

Easter Basket Egg
KEA 04-18

Pair O' Chicks Egg
KEA 03-18
Pair O' Bunnies Egg
KEA 05-18

Turquoise Egg w/ Spring Topper
KEA 09-18
The Winter Village II grouping comes onto the Market to join Winter Village I
All Stitches, Threads & SG by Alison Hodgekiss
Winter Village II

The Winter Village II

Winter Village I

The Winter Village I

There are a few New Black & White Christmas Tremendous Trees

KCNT 19-18

KCNT 20-18

Plus the final Sea Shore Tremendous Trees are ready to show!  
Plus, it's not too late to sign up for the See Shore Tree Club,
Here are a few more pictures:

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Back by Popular Demand




If you are interested in signing up, please contact your local retailer and have 
them reach out to Brenna at Colonial Needle
This is really 2 Clubs running at once, alternating months.

Sign up for Coastal, or Tropical or Both!!!!!

Three of the Six in the COASTAL TREE CLUB.

Three of the Six in the TROPICAL TREE CLUB

#2  SOON, the 

website will change!!!!

Very soon, the Kelly Clark website will be incorporated into the website for the Colonial Needle family of fine needlework products.

Don't be surprised when you go to your bookmark or the link, and
it does not take you to the site you've come to recognize.
The Very Good news is, the KCN section of their site will be
regularly updated with all the newest canvases!
I'm in the process of working on an exciting new blog
to feature the Photography and Finishing Ideas that
were previously found on my site!
Look for an announcement about that in the coming month.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

What's New from Kelly!

Premiering this weekend at the Dallas Wholesale Market:

I am soooo excited about these new Trees!
 Three of the COASTAL TREES, finished.

 Three of the TROPICAL TREES, finished.

Have your Retailer "Stop in" our room at Dallas Market,
 pick up the flyer, see the trees in person
then SIGN UP!!!!


 My CYBER CLASS gets under way on October 15th.
There is still time to sign up but it may be tight to get your canvas!!!
So if you are still interested, send me an e-mail, quick!!!!
Just so you know, there will be STUMPWORK!!!!!
and just a couple of enticing teasers:

Send me an e-mail to sign up!!!

Lots more goodies showing at Dallas!

Including these new Designs:
(Which are IN STOCK to take with!!!)
Desert Blooms Boot KCN TX 17

Lone Star Birdhouse KCN TX 18 

And Twelve New Tiny Victorian Ornaments:

(Also IN STOCK to take with!!!)

From Pinks and Greens:
KCV 115 & 116

To Classic Christmas:
KCV 110, 111 & 112

To Traditional Christmas:
KCV 113 & 114

To Patriotic Christmas:
KCV 117 & 118

and a measure of  Texas Christmas:
KCN TX 14, 16 & 15

And LOTS more in Stock to Ship and MUCH STOCK  

for  CASH & CARRY!!!!

Oh DEAR ME!  I nearly forgot to tell you about the NEW OFFERING from back in June!
I added a few new designs to the Under The Sea Collection:
 KCN 940
 KCN 941
These lovely 3.5" rounds also work in the Lee's Leather Goods!

KCN 943   Available on both 13 and 18 mesh
KCN 942   Available on both 13 and 18 mesh
On 13 mesh, they are 8.5" square and
On 18 mesh, they are 6" square.

I've been busy, and speaking of which, the rest of the Trees are waiting for me!!!
Back to work I go...
Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New Kelly Classes & Clubs!

I am most excited to tell everyone about the Classes I am teaching and the
New Club that I designed.

 Starting with Alison's Club...

A Winter's Village II

for Alison Hodgkiss at A Stitch In Time in San Marino, CA.
It is the sequel to the First Winter Village:

They were actually designed to be one Large Winter Village,  
with 9 gourgeous buildings and 5 charming small pieces.
However, for the sake of our Stitcher's
sanity, Alison and I decided to split them into two different Clubs!
Just image all of these wonderful pieces on a buffet in your dining room at Christmas!

SIGN UP TODAY!!!!! call 626-793-5217

Classes I am Teaching:

**Monday April, 18, 2016**

A Tisket, A Tasket, Fill Your Own Basket
at Nimblefingers in Houston, TX

Hurry, class nearly filled!   


**Thursday June 9, 2016**

Teaching to Member Professionals at the Summer TNNA Trade Show
Washington, DC.

Retailers, click link below and sign in at TNNA to register for this Class!

Summer Stumpwork Wreath (T207T)

Technique (Needlepoint)
Start:12:00 p.m.
End:6:00 p.m.

Presenter: Kelly Clark 
Sponsors: TNNA, Lee's Needle Arts/Colonial Needle, Rainbow Gallery, and Planet Earth Fiber

This lovely summer wreath has fabulous dimension created by unique stumpwork techniques. Students will learn picot needle weaving, needle lace, needle felting, ribbon work, and applique techniques. 

**Tuesday & Wednesday June 14-15, 2016**

Summer Stumpwork Wreath 
at In Stitches in Atlanta, GA.


Hurry, class filling quickly!
Phone: 404.816.4612
Address: 3137 E. Shadowlawn Ave
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

**Friday, Saturday & Sunday November 4,5 & 6, 2016**

Cindy Chair

The Wellesley Needlepoint Collection

Kelly joins Cindy Mathews and Friends for a delightful workshop in the gorgeous enclave of Wellesley, Mass.

There are private lessons on Friday and the workshop piece is
Kelly's Stumpwork Flowers 
(See blogposts on Sunday December 13, 2015 and Friday January 15, 2016)

Hurry, class nearly filled!

So I am nearly maxed out for my teaching schedule for 2016...but there are a few
other programs in the works!
I hope to see you at a class or workshop soon!

In the mean time,
Happy Stitching All! 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Feelin' a Little Bit Witchy!


Has Kelly lost her Mind?
It's nearly February...time for Valentines, not Witches!


I am thinking ahead.  Really.
Look who has Arrived!

Ratt Z. Witch 

KCN 9136 & KCN 9136 SG

available thru your LNS

 She is stitched, finished and Stitch Guides are Printed!

Rattzy joins a long line of Witches in the Kelly Clark line...
We have her 1st cousin:

Elvira Spidah

KCN 9138 & KCN 9138 SG

available thru your LNS

(Elvirah is quite the vixen, and no one has figured this out,
but she is a TRUE Black Widow...her husbands mysteriously
die or dissappear and leave her their$!)

Then we have her Auntie Stirah: 

Stirha-Cauldron copy.jpg

Stirha Cal Drone`

KCN 9127 available thru your LNS &  

KCN 9127 SG available only thru Amy Bunger 

Stirha is a real troublemaker!  No one but Amy knows the secret recipe' she is
stirring up in her Caldron, but it definitely contains 'eye of Newt'
so my guess is that it is a lethal concoction!

Next is 1st Cousin on Dad's side of the family:

 Katt Z. Witch

KCN 9125 available thru your LNS &  

KCN 9125 SG available only thru Robin King 

Katt is demure and shy and a touch snobbish!  Don't Tell!  
She is into the Dark Arts and feels that mere Witch-Craft
is beneath her...
plus, she is always ready to dole out a dose of
Cat Scratch Fever from one of her 
Black Cat Minions!

Then we have Legions of Little Witches:

Alexis Arachnid & Marni Morbidia

KAH 13 & 15 with SG's  available thru your LNS

Alexa Stitched.jpg Marni stitched.jpg 


Cruella Crow-a-Bout & Felicia Felinius

KAH 14 & 16 with SG's  available thru your LNS

Cruela Stitched.jpgFelicia Stitched.jpg

 Jacquelyn Jack O'Lantern

KAH 18 with SG  available thru your LNS

Jacquelyn Stitched.jpg

So, indeed Rattzy is in Good Company!

She is stitched, finished and Stitch Guides are Printed!
Have your LNS call

Kelly Clark Needlepoint at 

The Colonial Needle Company 

to order today!
If you want to put a new Witch in your 2016 Halloween Display, 
there is no time like the present!