Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New Kelly Classes & Clubs!

I am most excited to tell everyone about the Classes I am teaching and the
New Club that I designed.

 Starting with Alison's Club...

A Winter's Village II

for Alison Hodgkiss at A Stitch In Time in San Marino, CA.
It is the sequel to the First Winter Village:

They were actually designed to be one Large Winter Village,  
with 9 gourgeous buildings and 5 charming small pieces.
However, for the sake of our Stitcher's
sanity, Alison and I decided to split them into two different Clubs!
Just image all of these wonderful pieces on a buffet in your dining room at Christmas!


http://www.needlepoint-knitting.com/a-winter-village-ii.htmor call 626-793-5217

Classes I am Teaching:

**Monday April, 18, 2016**

A Tisket, A Tasket, Fill Your Own Basket
at Nimblefingers in Houston, TX

Hurry, class nearly filled!



**Thursday June 9, 2016**

Teaching to Member Professionals at the Summer TNNA Trade Show
Washington, DC.

Retailers, click link below and sign in at TNNA to register for this Class!


Summer Stumpwork Wreath (T207T)

Technique (Needlepoint)
Start:12:00 p.m.
End:6:00 p.m.

Presenter: Kelly Clark 
Sponsors: TNNA, Lee's Needle Arts/Colonial Needle, Rainbow Gallery, and Planet Earth Fiber

This lovely summer wreath has fabulous dimension created by unique stumpwork techniques. Students will learn picot needle weaving, needle lace, needle felting, ribbon work, and applique techniques. 

**Tuesday & Wednesday June 14-15, 2016**

Summer Stumpwork Wreath 
at In Stitches in Atlanta, GA.


Hurry, class filling quickly!
Phone: 404.816.4612
Address: 3137 E. Shadowlawn Ave
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

**Friday, Saturday & Sunday November 4,5 & 6, 2016**

Cindy Chair

The Wellesley Needlepoint Collection


Kelly joins Cindy Mathews and Friends for a delightful workshop in the gorgeous enclave of Wellesley, Mass.

There are private lessons on Friday and the workshop piece is
Kelly's Stumpwork Flowers 
(See blogposts on Sunday December 13, 2015 and Friday January 15, 2016)

Hurry, class nearly filled!

So I am nearly maxed out for my teaching schedule for 2016...but there are a few
other programs in the works!
I hope to see you at a class or workshop soon!

In the mean time,
Happy Stitching All! 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Feelin' a Little Bit Witchy!


Has Kelly lost her Mind?
It's nearly February...time for Valentines, not Witches!


I am thinking ahead.  Really.
Look who has Arrived!

Ratt Z. Witch 

KCN 9136 & KCN 9136 SG

available thru your LNS

 She is stitched, finished and Stitch Guides are Printed!

Rattzy joins a long line of Witches in the Kelly Clark line...
We have her 1st cousin:

Elvira Spidah

KCN 9138 & KCN 9138 SG

available thru your LNS

(Elvirah is quite the vixen, and no one has figured this out,
but she is a TRUE Black Widow...her husbands mysteriously
die or dissappear and leave her their$!)

Then we have her Auntie Stirah: 

Stirha-Cauldron copy.jpg

Stirha Cal Drone`

KCN 9127 available thru your LNS &  

KCN 9127 SG available only thru Amy Bunger 

Stirha is a real troublemaker!  No one but Amy knows the secret recipe' she is
stirring up in her Caldron, but it definitely contains 'eye of Newt'
so my guess is that it is a lethal concoction!

Next is 1st Cousin on Dad's side of the family:

 Katt Z. Witch

KCN 9125 available thru your LNS &  

KCN 9125 SG available only thru Robin King 

Katt is demure and shy and a touch snobbish!  Don't Tell!  
She is into the Dark Arts and feels that mere Witch-Craft
is beneath her...
plus, she is always ready to dole out a dose of
Cat Scratch Fever from one of her 
Black Cat Minions!

Then we have Legions of Little Witches:

Alexis Arachnid & Marni Morbidia

KAH 13 & 15 with SG's  available thru your LNS

Alexa Stitched.jpg Marni stitched.jpg 


Cruella Crow-a-Bout & Felicia Felinius

KAH 14 & 16 with SG's  available thru your LNS

Cruela Stitched.jpgFelicia Stitched.jpg

 Jacquelyn Jack O'Lantern

KAH 18 with SG  available thru your LNS

Jacquelyn Stitched.jpg

So, indeed Rattzy is in Good Company!

She is stitched, finished and Stitch Guides are Printed!
Have your LNS call

Kelly Clark Needlepoint at 

The Colonial Needle Company 

to order today!
If you want to put a new Witch in your 2016 Halloween Display, 
there is no time like the present!

Friday, January 15, 2016

New Designs from Kelly Clark Studio!

What's New from 2016 January TNNA MARKET?


Kelly Clark & Brenna Pollok of Colonial Needle
at the Kelly Clark Booth

All the new designs are loaded onto the web-site


check out the new finished pieces on the front page slide shows!
Then click on the What's New link and peruse through 
the photos of over-80+ new items!

I am very excited to announce my new color palettes for
Presencia America., available thru Colonial Needle Company
These are available pre-packaged in Finca Floss
Perle No.8, &  Perle No.16.

The packaging makes it so simple to toss in your travel bag for an 
Ornament Project!  Quick and Easy without the worry of pulling alot
of threads.  The Floss packages come with 3 skeins of each of the 6 colors!

Have your Local Needlepoint Shop call and order for you today!

But first, I wanted to talk about Perle No.16...
It is my new favorite skinny thread!

Check out how cool these stitches look in Perle No. 16:

Color #8069 for the Diagonal Long Stitch

 Colors #4228 & #4799 for the Laid Vertical Channel Stitches...
just look how that skinny thread creates just a whisper of Background!
I LOVE it!

Color #8069 is used in two different stitches here.
On the left it stitches the open reverse slant Scotch in the background.
On the right it is a Double Elongated Cross at the intersection of diagonals created by the Velvet.
Color #4812 wraps the wire stem and frames the leaves.

And here are some additional Pictures of new items:

The Winter Village is available with Stitch Guides!!!!!
Item numbers from left are:
KWV 7-18, KWV 4-18, KWV 1-18, KWV6-18, KWV 11-18, KWV 2-18 and KWV 3-18

KCA 29-18 Folk Art Flower Sampler
Available with Stitch Guide, Accessory Kit for all the wire and Appliques and a 
Presencia Thread Kit of all cottons used!

Chubby Pears Front and Back views!
From left: KCA 1426, KCN 1428 & KCN 1429
Available with Stitch Guide & Presencia Thread Kit!

And from the Tiny Basket Series:

 KCB 01-18 Shells at the Seashore
 KCB 03-18 Halloween Tricks
 KCB 02-18 Christmas Baking

Now, quick go check out ALL the new Items on the website!
Here is that link again:


Happy Stitching All!Kelly

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Stumpwork Flower Sampler

Stumpwork Flower Sampler
KCA 29-18

 I am so excited to be teaching this piece at the TNNA Market in San Diego next month!
Before I painted the piece it started off as a sketch, 
looking like this:

The Class is focused on Stumpwork and here are a few sneak peeks of the stitching:
A Busy Bumble Bee and Blueberries
(Wings not attached yet in this photo!)

a Whimsical Blue Flower

Thistle Flower and Gooseberries

a Pretty Poppy Flower

Fanciful Echinacea and Red Daisy

The Flower Vase

If you are attending the TNNA Market and would like to learn some of these
techniques, the class is on Thursday, January 7, 2016
Please sign up!

If you are not a member of TNNA and are interested in stitching this piece, 
it will be available for sale
 at the TNNA Market, January 9-11, 2016
along with the Stitch Guide and Accessory Kit .
Have your LNS order it for you.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Tisket, A Tasket a TEENY, Tiny Basket!

Time for a True Confession:
Some of you may or may not know this, but
I am a Basket-aholic...A Truly Obsessed Needle Weaver...A complete Basket Case.

What started as a fun addition to painted canvases has morphed into
my new line of

Teeny, Tiny Baskets:


A Christmas Cookie Basket

A Beachy Shell Basket...

Notice the dazzling Swarovski Starfish Crystal 
in basket at left...

Halloween Tricks & Treats Baskets:

 Halloween Tricks Basket, woven but not finished and filled!
 Halloween Tricks Basket,  finished                       and filled!

Halloween Tricks...
Be-ribboned and Framed!
 Halloween Treats...
sorry about the focus...
not sure what went wrong ?

 Valentine Basket Work in Progress!

There are 8 Tiny Baskets in this series:
Christmas Cookies
Christmas Lights, Stars & Toys!
Puppy Love
Halloween Treats
Halloween Tricks
Stitching Basket

In November, I will be teaching a Tiny Basket Workshop at 
The Wellesley Needlepoint Collection.

The Canvases will be available with Stitch Guides and all the tiny Accoutrement
for the January TNNA Market!

Happy Stitching All!