Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crazy Quilt is Almost done!

I have been working like a demon since mid-day Sunday!  We dropped the girls at sleep-away camp and,  you know, that does not mean 'slow down and roll 'em out of the vehicle'!  No, 'dropping' them at camp took about an hour and a half and we went through 7 'stations'.  The final being leaving them in their cabins with the Counselors and new cabin-mates after making their beds.  John and I high-tailed it outa there! After stopping for a nutritious Taco Salad at 'the Bel', we were finally on our way back to Houston!  I pulled out the Crazy Quilt and haven't put it down since!!!  Here are some pics:

Here is the over-all view.  There are only about four seams left to Embellish!!!!  Nearly there!!!

This is a close-up portion of The Blue Ribbon Seam...full of beads and crystals!!!

Beaded Tassel Trim! 
This seam was so much fun! It started as a simple chain stitch in brown...Way too boring!  I  had a scrap piece of the hot pink silk left-over from stitching bunny's garden, and decided to weave that through the chain.  Better.  But, something was still missing?  Hum?  I was stringing some beads for another area, when it occurred to me to add a beaded tassel fringe to this chain & ribbon!  That was it!  Eureka!

The Fan in almost full Regalia!  I have three seams left to do!!!

Featherstitch with beading...this section is still a work in progress...more feathering and beading needed!

This is a close-up portion of The Pink Ribbon Seam...full of beads and freshwater dyed pearls!!!
At bottom, the Beaded Wheat seam!

Well, I just wanted to keep everyone upto date.  My goal was to finish last night.  I stitched until 3AM on Sunday, and 2AM last night.  Sunday night was productive late night stitching.  Last night not so much!  I hated everything I had stitched from 11:30 TIL 1 AM, 
then spent an hour 'un-stitching!'
But, in the morning, it all looked wonderful.  I fixed what I had not liked last night!
And, it's nearly done.  So my goal was off by 24 hours!  It will be done tonight!!! :~)
Happy Stitching! 


  1. Hi Kelly,
    It is just beautiful. Each seam stitch really enhances the piece. Hope you will let us take it as a long distance class.

  2. Kelly! I absolutely love it! It is wonderful...

  3. Hi Kelly! I am a needle artist and have a blog called Plays with Needles...though I enjoy painted canvases, my first love is surface embroidery and crazy quilting. I live in Baltimore and I'm friends with Ruth Schmuff and loved reading Ruth's posts about your class at her shop! I also did a blog post about Ruth's shop called "In the Limelight"....

    Anyhow..the reason that I'm writing is that I have a fairly strong readership that I know would LOVE to see your crazy quilt block. May I post about your piece? May I use a few of the pictures from your site? I will absolutely give credit back to you and link to your site. If this is OK, ,it would also be helpful to know when the canvases (and/or stitch guides will be available etc...I think you're CQ block is inspired and many many folks will enjoy being exposed to your work! Wonderful!!!

  4. Awesome Kelly, awesome. Love every single detail. YOu rock girl

  5. These seams are exquisite! I'm working on a needlepoint crazy quilt wreath, but my seams aren't half as elaborate as these since I am doing them all in gold. What a gorgeous piece of work!

  6. Wow! Thanks everyone! I am blushing! Plays
    with Needles....YES! Would love it! The canvas will
    be available at your LNS in January. The SG, too.
    A little birdie told me there might be interest from
    NNow magazine...ssshhhh! Mums the word on that! :~)
    I did finish last night, but won't be able to post 'til later Thurs.!

  7. This is just a fantastic piece! I too would be very interested in a long distance class. This would be a great fun challenge.

    Mary Anne

  8. Maravilloso el colorido del bordado, saludosd esde México.

  9. Merry Christmas, oh talented one! I love the crazy quilt piece and wish I could be in Scottsdale at Be Stitched on January 24. Look forward to a bigger roll-out.

    A fan,