Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stump-work Started on Lady Pilgrim!

Another Sneak Peek of Rebekkha:
The Eggplant and Acorns!

Dimension under way!!!!
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kelly's Stump-work Sampler

Good Morning, All!
A Few of my Favorite Things Sampler

I have posted several pics of my Stump-work Sampler piece, above, on Stitcherie, and got to thinking it's about time to blog about it.  The idea came to me last summer (August 2010, to be exact!), when doing some research on Stump-work.
Research?  That's a fancy justification for loading up on books at! Ha-ha! LOL!
Anyway, looking through the books, it became apparent that the majority of the work was coming out of Australia, and was worked on linen, in the form of Traditional Embroidery.  What's up with that?  Hum?
We could work the same type imagery into Needlepoint!  What about a Sampler, of sorts?  A sketch was begun with my vision starting to form.  What should I do? Paint a Canvas?  Well, maybe later...I wanted to get started, immediately!...and it was after 11 pm!
There I was pulling out a piece of Ecru 18 Mesh Canvas, drawing the outlines for the Sampler, pulling threads, figuring out some of the stitches.  Stretcher bars?  I didn't have any the right size!  AGH, Darn the luck!  Not to be stopped, I found an old plain wood frame that was roughly the same size...?  Out came the stapler gun, and I was in business! (Don't worry!  
First time Colleen Church saw the piece, she whisked it away from me and put it on a set of proper stretcher bars!!!)  
Here is the beginning with first few backgrounds started:
and then with Rooster in oval, standing in his Silk Rose Garden:

and Rooster today:

One of my goals with the Sampler was to show the same image in several different forms or stitching techniques.  Hence the Pansy in Silk Ribbon, Silk Floss and dimensionally in Needle Lace on wire!  I will continue to blog about and show different sections and why I added them to the Sampler.  Oh!  I collect Roosters, and they are all over my Kitchen and Family Room!

So, that's all for now, Folks!
Happy Stitching!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Conspicuously Absent!

Hi Everyone!  I am back!  When I signed in to Blog just now, I already had the title for this post in mind.  But, truly, I was blown away to realize it's been more than 2 weeks!!!  Yikes!!  Well, I did have a good excuse...
I have traveled to teach back-to-back weekends...July 9th in Austin...July 15 & 16 in Portland , OR at In Stitches, plus a Thursday class in Houston this week at Needle House.!!!  
FYI...That is A LOT of teaching! 
There were fabulous students in all three locations...and such gracious nice women.  Please don't ever think I am complaining. It is truly an honor to be able to travel and teach my designs.  But I am officially exhausted!

 The pictures above were taken at In Stitches, Portland, OR.  There I am looking ghastly and gray next to
cute, adorable, effervescent Lori Hennessy, owner of In Stitches.  She is a delight and a fabulous Hostess!

And This is the only picture which turned out from my class at The Needle Works
in Austin, TX.
This pic is with the lovely Colleen Church, Owner The Needle Works

So, my trip to Austin had the dual purpose of being the first official planning meeting for 
The Elegant Thanksgiving Series,  
Stitch Along 
with Kelly!

Here is the Elegant Rebekkha...
just look at her gorgeous threads and a few sneak peeks at preliminary stitching!:
so join us for this fabulous series....
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