Friday, June 17, 2011

TNNA Summer Wholesale Market

Hello, All!  It's hard to believe that it's been more than a week since I last posted.  Last weekend was the Annual Summer TNNA Market in Columbus, OH.  Life was crazy leading upto the show...then I came home to lots 'o swim meets this week!  So, lots of Kelly Insanity!

Me at the Booth on set-up day!
It's Hard Work for 4 days...Hanging Drapes, Wall-Boards,
LIGHTS and Signage!!! I'm exhausted but happy to be
showing the new product!

Here are a few of our Fabulous Displays at the Kelly Clark Needlepoint Booth:

The Gorgeous Heritage Ornaments!
Our Classic Seasonal Topiaries

Thanksgiving Elegance!
Wish these had Stitch Guides?  Watch for My future
Stitch Along with Kelly Club coming soon!

Kelly's Candies!
These are Christmas!

Just look at these Christmas Candies...
They Finish up so cute with cellophane ends!!!
Hang as an ornament or fill a Candy Box with
Faux Goodies!

Last but certainly not least....Dan Dipaolo!  We introduced our new Artist at Market!
We just loved his whimsical and humorous illustration style.
Below is a sampling of his work...The Halloween grouping:

Dan DiPaolo Halloween!

Well Folks, that's all for now.  More TNNA and stitching to come.  Just thought you would like to see what has been keeping me busy lately!

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  1. Stitching with Kelly? That sounds really good. Looking forward to it.
    Glad you had a great time at TNNA. Can't wait to see the witch hats