Sunday, April 15, 2012

Life's Journey

I last Posted on Wednesday Morning March 21, 2012.
Remember I was stitching like a madwoman on The Brave, and I was
determined to finish him over the coming weekend.
Well that was not meant to be.
Shortly after I posted, the phone rang and it was my brother.
"Why are you calling during the day?  You work for a living and you
Never call me during the day?!" I said.
"That's right, I guess I never do call you during the day.
"I'm calling to tell you Dad has taken a real bad turn, and we have called in Hospice."
Within 18 hours I was on a plane on my way to Tucson.
When I arrived Dad had actually been taken into the hospital.  The whole Hospice thing
just wasn't meant to be for him.  I was able to spend Dad's last three days with him.
I have a fond memory of spending an entire afternoon sitting next to the bed.
Dad sleeping peacefully and me stitching.
Dad and me when I visited Mid January 2012,
prior to the Phoenix TNNA Market.  I feel so blessed that I had taken a brief time
for that visit.  I have a fond memory of Mom, Dad & I going to a lovely Italian restaurant.
Dad was a retired Attorney and had helped me greatly with contracts and such over
my design career. 
Farewell Dad, you shall be greatly missed!