Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ribbon-work & the Crazy Quilt!

Hi All!  I have been trying to do some photo posting on Stitcherie.  Hope you have all been keeping up!  But, I digress, my intent is to discuss the stitching.  Are you all curious how the Crazy Quilt is going?  The decision was made to postpone the start of the class until Later in July.  This was a huge relief!  Although I have been stitching's not finished.

The good news is that every bit of the background piecework is done!!!!  Hooray!  The rabbit 
is nearly done...hopefully will finish tonight and I can post him tomorrow!  Last night, I laid a fabulous flower bed for him in silk ribbon...and started some of the felt padding for bunny himself!  I know it's a tease, but just wait!  It's so cool!
Here  are some current pics:
The Ribbon-work Pansies
Oh these were such fun to work on the last couple of nights!  I have decided doing Ribbon-work is a frame of mind-thing.  You have to be in a head-space where you can just let the ribbon flow.  Last night, I was there...stitching into the wee-hours and no worries, just light and easy-breezy!  The biggest trick for me is to remember to bring the ribbon to the front to park before changing to the next color. The Pansies use four colors of ribbon.  I like to stitch one flower at a time, working through the various color changes.
The ribbon can get tangly on the back, but if you remember to pull the silk up  to park, it really helps to alleviate the problem.  Also, a sharp chenille needle helps, because in ribbon-work you are puncturing the ribbon continually, and tapestry needles are generally too dull. 

The Fan...piecework completed...ready for Embellishment!

I wanted to show a close up of the cool fan and it's colors and patterns!  I think the 'fabrics'
blend together so nicely!  Next time you see it, the look will be completely changed!  As with
real quilting, the piece-work simply sets the stage for the Embroidery Embellishment!  I have
been going through my ribbon and sequin and lace and bead stash looking for just the right little bits and bobs and accessories for this piece!  I am excited to get started!
That's all for now folks!
Happy Stitching!


  1. This is awesome Kelly, so beautiful. I understand this will be a class somewhere in Texas - any plans for folks outside the Lone Star state? Long distance type of thing? I love the flowers but I absolutely love the stitches you used. Well done, as usual. Can't wait for the follow-up

  2. Hi Kelly,
    I just love this piece. Your choice of stitches are just magnificent. Cannot wait to see the finished piece. I also would be interested in a long distance class.
    I have been scheduled for surgery on my shoulder,July 14 .

  3. Wow! I am honored! A long distance Class! There is a surprise coming along regarding that...:~)...
    Ruth has Mystery Class...Amy has Home Study...
    Kelly is planning Stitch Along...More news to come!