Friday, October 11, 2013

What in the World has Kelly Been Doing?

Check out my New Product Line!

My designs are now on Stationery, Mugs, Tea Towels, & More.

This is The Pumpkin Patch Collection:

Mugs & Stationery from The Little Witches Collection:

 Halloween Tea Towels & Mugs: 

My Textiles which co-ordinate to the Halloween Needlepoint:

Mugs and Stationery from Deliciously Spook-tac-ular Collection:

So make your purchases now...there is still plenty of time!
We will make every effort to deliver for your 2013 Halloween Decorating!!

We have a bit of Autumn, Thanksgiving and  lots of Christmas product as well!

Lots of Personalized Items, as well

Yes, I have been very busy...and I promise to get back to my Needlepoint Blogging soon!