Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Crazy Quilt Project!

Well, not unlike other nutty stitching folk, every once in a while, I'll start thinking about branching off to do a quilt, or miniatures, or making a doll, or doing some felt-work, or possibly some applique quilting.  Maybe some jewelery making?  Wreath Making?  Flower arranging?  Hum?  When I hear that inner voice, my common sense side starts trying to put the brakes on..."OK, sister...How many needlepoint projects do you have currently on stretcher bars?"..."Do you really think it's wise to start another major project?"...Guilt often works,"Think of your poor neglected children and the fact that they need shoes, really. Starting another major project will just take time and money away from them. Stop your-self, sister!"  Sometimes this works, other times...well let me just say that I have alot of un-finished projects!!!
About a year and a half ago, I became completely fascinated with Victorian Samplers and Crazy Quilts.  I wanted to make a quilt!  Did, my research, started gathering fabrics, when the idea struck me...
What if I did a Needlepoint Crazy Quilt Square???  I started sketching and playing around with the lay-out and what it would look like.  In February I finally painted the Canvas:
Painted Canvas KCA 011-18
I just loved the painted piece!  There are soooo many possibilities here!

Then, I started stitching a little at a time.  It was a PERSONAL Stitching piece so I felt no immediate sense of urgency.  (Just to clarify...most everything I stitch is for the line, and has a deadline attached!)  Well, before I knew it...the piece was booked for a 5 Session Class at The Needle House in Houston, to start toward the end of June.  
THAT IS 3 WEEKS from NOW!!!! And I have a TNNA Market in 2WEEKS!!! 
Change status to URGENT!

 I have been stitching alot on the piece, and here is where we are at:
Most all of the Backgrounds are Stitched!  Just upper left Brown
& Black Sections to finish...and the Black around the Pansies!
Once all of the backgrounds are done, it will be time to start the CRAZY EMBELLISHING!!!!!  I am planning Silk Ribbon Work for the two floral elements.  Will be adding some Stumpwork  and some Applique, Beading and Silk Embroidery.  I will post some more pics as Embellishment unfolds!  

If you are interested in stitching this piece, it will be available to your LNS in January.  
If you are anywhere close to the Houston, Texas area, call the Needle House to sign up!  
The first Class is Thursday, June 23rd.

Oh, by the way, On my very first Blog Post, I got the dates of the Halloween Class wrong!  
It is on Saturday July 9th!  Contact The Needle Works in Austin for the Halloween Class.


  1. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere Kelly. I am looking forward to following you. And I love, love, love the quilt piece. I see that it didn't take you long to join the ranks on the enablers ... second post! January, eh? I'm putting it in my calendar. All the best! RobinG in Indiana

  2. This is shaping up to be delightful! Good luck in your race to the finish line.

    If you run into problems or questions about Blogger, please let any of us who use Blogger too know. We will gladly help you out.

    Jane, waving from Chilly Hollow

  3. Hi Kelly,

    I love the quilt. I see this on my to do list. Cannot wait to all the embellishment.


  4. An absolutely lovely piece! Love all the the different stitches used. :)