Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crazy Quilt is DONE!

Hi All!  Crazy Quilt is DONE!  Here she is:

Fancy, Crazy Quilt!
I experienced something last night that I have only felt when finishing a great book...
I was Sad.  Sad that my Crazy Quilt Square was over.  Truly.  I have never felt this about a needlepoint piece.  Usually, I am turning cartwheels that a piece is over and done with!  Seriously.  Last night, I felt this sad tug at my heart-strings.  Do I have other projects to start?  Yep!  Old pieces that still aren't finished? Yep!   But somehow, 
I just couldn't make myself do anything.  I held Crazy Quilt on my lap all evening and just kept looking at her!  Am I pathetic or what?
John popped in a movie, Tue Grit with Jeff Bridges, and that fabulous young
girl actress...I just watched the movie and held onto the Crazy Quilt!

 Buttons, Beads & Silk!
The Beaded blue & green seam was the final seam!  It runs from bunny down the whole length of the mish-mash red checkerboard on the right side.  I added a couple of funky colored buttons attached by silk ribbon.  I love how the buttons go with the Bunny Garden, It looks like they just kind of spilled over!

Fan in full Glorious Regalia!
Figuring out the seams for the Fan was a bit tricky.  They had to be skinny seams in order to fit in the tight triangles.  That automatically limited the stitches to only linear.  Then I wanted to use colors which contrasted with the triangle on either side.  Once I figure out the twists and beading I was a happy camper!  
Notice the beaded Fly Stitch Seam which runs
between the velvet Paisley and the Celadon Stripe.  In the previous posting it was a simple black silk twisted cord.  It was bothering me...something wasn't right.  Is it the Fly Stitch?
Maybe I did the stitch wrong, so out it came.  Then I stitched it again, being sure to count 
threads for precise placement.  Something was still wrong...then I tied a few beads.
Wha-lah!  That was it!  Once it was beaded, it just looked wonderful!

Featherstitch and beading finished! 
I just love the playfulness of the featherstitch in contrast to the rigid checkerboard underneath.  Yin & Yang in harmony!

The piece is now on display down at The Needle House on Bammel Lane in Houston, where, 
I will be teaching the Crazy Quilt as a workshop
beginning July 21st, 2011.
Call The Needle House for details:
So, if you live in the Vicinity, come check out the piece and sign up!

I will miss the Crazy Quilt for awhile...
but soon it will be a gorgeous pillow living on my bed!

What will I stitch next?????


  1. Kelly, this is stunning. It really speaks to me. So glad you have designed it. Make one in the Halloween theme, too... OK? Thanks, Robin

  2. I, unfortunately, do not live near you. Will you consider selling it as a stitch guide or kit someday? What a very special piece.

  3. Hi Kelly,
    I can understand your being sad when you finished this piece. You did a spectacular job with your choice of threads, stitches and embellishments
    What a masterpiece! Cannot wait for it to be available in January.
    Looking forward to seeing your next project.

  4. It's lovely!

    I often get melancholy when I finish a piece and it's hard for me to pick up another.

    Maybe I should fly to Houston for the class on the 21. SW Airlines has their 40th Anniversary flights. Could I sleep on your couch?

  5. Too many critters and kids at my house!:~)...You
    would do much better even at a Roadway 8! Seriously,
    though...the Class is still open to all comers!...
    5 or 6 spots left!

  6. Your stitches are really beautiful! The ribbon work is so very, very pretty and so creative. Thank you for such nice photos so that we can easily see what you have done.

  7. Wow!! Absolutely amazingly stunning:)

  8. This is exquisite this piece - beautifully intense. Well done!

  9. i can't believe that you've married my two great loves ,CQ and NP in such a marvelous way. I have huge incentives to complete your pear ornaments by January...only 7 to go!

  10. Kelly!! It is wonderful to meet you and to see all of your glorious work!! Your stitching is amazing!! I love this Crazy Quilt work! Susan sent me over form Plays with Needles. I am smitten with stitching and I am working on my own funky versions of Crazy Quilting. I ahve added on to follow your blog as I plan to come back fro more inspirations!!!
    your students are going to be thrilled with this class. Even though I don't do canvas I would definitely take your class!!! I would love to learn all of these beautiful stitches!!

  11. Wonderful, what a beautiful piece!

  12. This is a glorious piece of needlework! You ought to send a picture of it to the Craft Gossip blog (needlework editor Denise Felton) so she can share it with the world! As a crazy quilter, I LOVE that you merged your needlework and our “form”. Hugs and a tip o’ the hat! Cathy

  13. Susan of play with neddles shows this piece on her blog. I do share her enthousiasm, this is beautiful and very inspiring. That would be nice to be able to purchase the stitch guide, or follow an on-line course (i'm in France...). Anyway, I really like this piece.

  14. I feel that same sadness when I finish some of my ribbonwork pieces. Glad to see I am not alone!

  15. Kelly,
    Did you hear us oohing and aahing from Cleveland? This quilt square is by far your most exquisitely designed piece ever. I take a little pleasure in thinking that perhaps the germ of this idea was planted up this way...
    Just Edie (not Marty)