Sunday, January 26, 2014

Halloween Crazy Quilt Under Way!

Here is the Halloween Crazy Quilt canvas KCA 013-18:

It is the only Crazy Quilt canvas that I have not yet stitched and written a guide for.
Some of you have been hinting strongly that I needed to get stitchin' to finish the Trilogy!
Well wait no more!  Six sections are figured out and started!
This is a tiny Chartreuse wedge of the fan:

Here are two different checkerboard sections:

Here is a close-up of the oblique orange section in upper right quadrant:

And, lastly, the three different patterns in the upper right quadrant.

Notice the use of many different Combination stitches.  My stitching goal with the Crazy Quilts is to create a pattern in each patch.  Each patch has alot of visual interest, because it should represent an individual fabric.  I achieve this by layering the stitches...layers of pattern and threads and stitches.

There are 13 patch sections in the body of the Block, plus the Fan.
The Fan is made up of 10 wedge sections.  23 sections total.
I'm off to a healthy start...HOORAY!

And just as a reminder, here are Spring & Christmas Crazies:

And looking lovely on my bed: