Friday, February 14, 2014

Webs I have Woven

I know that may seem like a strange choice for a Blog Topic.  

Here is the back story:

As you all know, I am working on my 3rd Crazy Quilt piece: Crazy About Halloween.
As I stitched, the wedge with the spider web kept eluding me.  Hum?  "Why do I not know what I want to do with that Web?" This web is troublesome because for the web wedge, (don't even try to say that three times fast!) the background needed to become an integral part of the image
...because a web has translucense!
  Unlike some of the imagery on the first two Crazy Quilt pieces where the image nicely sits on-top of the background in the wedge it is occupying.

Let us take a close-up look at what I am talking about.
On Christmas Crazy Quilt:
The lovely basket of paper whites sits majestically on-top of the 
scrumptious deep scarlet background.
 While our branch with the proud
 partridge and plump pear may indeed cross over and occupy area in five different wedges, nonetheless, this imagery sits staunchly on-top of the numerous backgrounds.

On Springtime Crazy Quilt:
Our adorable Bunny Rabbit is timidly crouched   
in a field of Silk Ribbon Blossoms.  All of which sit lightly on-top of the celery green background.
The charming basket of daffodils and snowdrops sits grandly on-top
 of the dark ebony checkerboard background.

BUT A Spiders Web is TRANSLUCENT!  What to do.  It seems like I have stitched
many spider webs, Perhaps a history lesson is in order to help launch an idea for the 
web wedge on Halloween Crazy! 

This is Mister Scarecrow KCN 92.  
This piece was my very first foray into Fancy Stitches!
There is a layer of white organza over the background to provide
 the illusion of transparency.  The web itself is stitched with two different 
weights of Silk Pearl in a classic Spider Stitch.  
Credit to Janet Perry with the technique and stitch selection.

Next up is Elvira Spidah KCN 9138 from The Halloweenies.

 First I completely over-stitched the painted webs with my background.
Then the webs were woven over the top of the background
 with Spider Stitch.  Perhaps this technique would work?  Hum?

 Next web is on Scaredy Crow KCN 9148, one of the Creepy Characters.

Same technique as Elvira.  
Just different threads, different background stitch.
I mean, this choice is a natural, right?  It just does not
grab me for Halloween Crazy Quilt.
"What to do?"

 First I applied long stitches in between the major web spokes.  They are
rather eyelet'ish in that each long stitch goes into one hole at the top
of it's individual pie-shaped segment of the web.
The thread is Highlights from Rainbow.  It creates a very
playful, shimmery, translucent covering for the background which
integrates nicely with the web!
 Then I started the background stitch.  Criss Cross Hungarian
in Gloriana Silk.  I LOVE the variegation in this shade!
It reminds me of dancing & swirling Autumnal leaves!
"Hum?  That gives me an idea for added bead-work!"
 Next step, Long Stitches in Treasure Braid 12 Strand
 for the main spokes of the web.
From this distance view and angle, it is easy to see how the initial 
long stitches shimmer!  It works perfectly to create the effect I had in mind!    
The next step will be to couch on the minor
half-round segment stitches.  I still have not decided if I will use
the Treasure Braid, or a different thread?

Oh well, the Great Web Reveal will be in my next post!

Happy Stitching and Happy Valentines!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Crazy LOVE, Halloween Style

More Background sections stitched!

The Paisley in shades of Very Velvet!

The upper left wedge with the Alternating Scotch and Eyelet is
sooooooo harmonious!
As you will be able to tell from the following pics, I was in the mood to 
tackle the Chartreuse and Perriwinkle sections.  Those colors spoke to me
after completing the first few sections.

Two Upper Center sections...tilted here!
Two more Fan sections done...
Bottom Right corner
Don't you just LOVE the Chartreuse and Perriwinkle
next to each other?  I DO!
The Criss Cross Hungarian Stitch will get filler beads in the open spaces.
I am leaning toward a faceted black...I mean...this is Crazy and Halloween!

 I fell in Love with the Half Scotch Pinwheel in Black!
So much that I had to stitch it again!  This time in Perriwinkle so that the 
directional-ity of the stitch would be more evident!
Any of you who have stitched my Spring and Christmas Crazy Quilts 
will know that repeating stitches within the same piece is a theme with me!
  It is so fascinating to me how the same stitch can look so different. 
 The variety of threads and color palettes available are just
wonderful, and lend themselves to such fanciful needle play!

Of the 23 Total background sections, 
11 are done, 2 more are figured out and well along.
Leaving 10 more to go!  I am ready to tackle Oranges and Olives next!

Until next post: Happy Stitching, everyone!

PS.  I am playing the 2014 Stitching Games over at 
Some of you may have read about them in the most recent
Needlepoint Now magazine.
I decided to stitch Ratzy of the Halloweenies:
Here are the first few areas completed: