Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kelly goes Stumpwork Crazy!!!

Hello All!
I am on a role with the stumpwork!  
I just COULD NOT WAIT to SHARE these images!!!

 A Fancy New Cauliflower!
Which began as a small piece of felted wool,
scrunched and couched in place:
The wool is covered with Knots in 2 shades of Cream:
Now we move out a bit and add Silk Ribbon:
(Notice there is a gap between the silk and the padded knots)
Now we expand the knot brigade outward to reach the ribbon
and start to fill in crevices.  Also we picked up three additional
shades of Cream...ranging from Celadon Shoot to Vanilla Bean to Dried Thyme:
A bit more silk, and another crop of Knots:
The finished work is a Vegie Delight!

Wait!  There is more to Show:
A Fabulous White Winter Gourd!
Working on the Cauliflower with photo images on my lap-top.
Google handy reference!
Our gentleman holding his Rifle...his handsome Hunt Satchel
And the magnificent Wild Turkey!

Stay Tuned!
Happy Stitching!