Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Life and Work of an Artist

How many of you have ever lived with, worked with, or loved an Artist?  

You may have already figured this out, but we see the world a bit differently than other folks.  I think we are wired up in our brains in a completely different fashion.  Believe it or not, we don't exactly realize this, until something happens which makes us take a step back and look.    

What in the world is Kelly talking about you may be asking yourself?

Ever since 2004, I have been completely, passionately, immersed in Needlepoint as my Art-Form.  I was happily committed to my Craft.  Whenever I would get a hankering to work on something else, (quilting, felting, rug-hooking, scrap-booking, punch needle, miniatures, doll-making to name but a few) I could do a small project, but quickly re-align myself back to Needlepoint. 

 So last April, I was happily stitching away on my Scaredy Crow:

When out of left field, Boom!, came the overwhelming urge to get back to my fabric designing.  Some of you may know that my first career, BK(Before Kiddos), was in Textile and Wallpaper design for the Home Dec Industry.  I took some of my copyrighted painted designs from back in the late 80's, scanned them, started playing around with them in Photoshop, found a consignment printer, and started churning out textiles again.  

Here is a photo of the Halloween Textile Group:

And here are some of the Gorgeous Halloween Pears Finished with those fabrics on the back:

The Pears were stitched by Ilene Levine, my Office Manager.
and Finished by Funda Scully in Fort Worth, TX.

 Here are two photos of Christmas Textile Groups:

Then I started Hankering to make a quilt from some of the Textiles I had printed up.  The problem was that I had never done piecework quilting before.
Applique and Trapunto and Crazy- YES, Piecework- NO!
I took a beginning block class at my local JoAnne's Fabrics and then I was off to the races:


So, I learned a few tricks at the class, bought a few tools of the trade, and had enough knowledge to keep my head above water.  I decided on two styles of Album Blocks that I saw in a Civil War Quilt Book.  I also decided to make the Blocks from little 8" square fabric swatches, rather than yardage...so in a way, that makes it a Stash Quilt!  There are 49 Blocks on the top which are 9" squares, plus Borders.

This is the Quilt Top:

It still needs it's borders.  I finished the top on October 19th, although I had started the Blocks back in August.  The Border fabrics just arrived, so maybe this weekend?
Once I get the borders attached,the top can go out for quilting!  Hooray!

Then, of course, since I was already off on a quilting tangent, why not dive off and do
some of my Paper Mache' Figurines?  There were two weeks to kill, waiting for my yardage for the quilt borders, so Why Not?
Here are the fruits of that labor:
Three sweet Christmas Angels.
Four Folk Art Santas:

A couple of my Primitive Halloween Gourd Characters:


All of the Mache' Characters are up for sale on etsy:

So, to bring us to a close.  I am finally winding down on these tangents...it has been a bit of a frenetic, schizophrenic journey in a way.  And it was impossible to stay on course with any needlepoint stitching while I was in the swirling Vortex of my insane textile-quilting-character work.  In fact, I literally could not stitch.  My brain was being pulled by this unseen force to work in the other mediums.  There is no part of what I felt that was rational.
It felt more like an Obsession.  
But I can feel that it has released me a bit...
Over the weekend,  I  pulled out some stitching and was able to work a bit on Scaredy Crow and hope to finish him very soon.  No New Projects until I clear up about 7 needlepoint pieces from my UN-finished project pile!  More about that next time!

Friday, October 11, 2013

What in the World has Kelly Been Doing?

Check out my New Product Line!

My designs are now on Stationery, Mugs, Tea Towels, & More.

This is The Pumpkin Patch Collection:

Mugs & Stationery from The Little Witches Collection:

 Halloween Tea Towels & Mugs: 

My Textiles which co-ordinate to the Halloween Needlepoint:

Mugs and Stationery from Deliciously Spook-tac-ular Collection:

So make your purchases now...there is still plenty of time!
We will make every effort to deliver for your 2013 Halloween Decorating!!

We have a bit of Autumn, Thanksgiving and  lots of Christmas product as well!

Lots of Personalized Items, as well

Yes, I have been very busy...and I promise to get back to my Needlepoint Blogging soon!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to Fill an Empty Basket!

 Basket Inspiration!

I started the Sweet Pea Sampler in Early July.  One of the first dimensional finishes,
on the Sampler piece, was my woven Basket in the lower right-hand corner.  It remained empty, 'cause I just could not decide what I wanted to put in it.  As I was working on the rest of the piece, I would look at the empty basket and think:

"Hum, what kind of basket are you?"

"Are you a Stitching Basket?"

This is the basket on my Classic Stitching Santa.   When I painted the
Sweet Pea Sampler, I modeled the basket after the one above, thinking
it would be another stitching basket.
But, as I worked, it was telling me it did not want to be a stitching Basket!

"Are you a Fruit Basket?"

Like Rebekah is carrying to the first Thanksgiving.
It could be filled with stumpwork appliqued and beaded fruit?

"Are you a Vegetable Basket?"

Like the Wampanoag Indian Squaw is carrying to 
the First Thanksgiving.  It could be filled with stumpwork, appliqued 
and beaded Vegetables?

"Are you a Springtime Flower Basket?

It could be filled with realistic Silk Ribbon-work Flowers,
like the Seasonal Basket above?

The problem was that the Basket was answering,
to every thought, or idea or suggestion that I had!
 The rest of the Sampler was nearly completed, and still 
it was a 
Market was coming in less than a month and the crunch was
on to finish and frame this piece!
"What should a stitching gal do?"

on January 9th, 2013
Carolyn Hedge Baird posted this picture on Facebook:
It was stitched by Dr. Margot, one of her students.
I just about fell over! 
LOOK at that Bike Basket Brimming with Flowers!
my Basket just screamed at me,
"This is it!  This is what I want to be!"
to Carolyn Hedge Baird and Dr. Margot! 

I now had my inspiration...and couldn't wait to get started
filling my basket!  But it was a Saturday night and I didn't have
alot of the right beads...well I'll scrounge in my stash, dig
through the girl's craft beads, pilfer my jewelry beads,
and see what I can do...
here was what I did that night:
 It was skimpy, and it wasn't the right combination of beads...
but it was Exactly What The Basket Wanted!
Hooray!  The next day I sourced out glass floral beads,
e-mailed with Carolyn Hedge Baird just to be sure,
she said:
"Yes, pile on the beads is what I would call it!  Pile them on in an 
artistic manner!  Looked at your picture and the basket is beautiful, 
just needs more flowers so just add a bunch more and maybe 
some loops of green silk ribbon 4mm hither and thither." 

I was sooo excited to get Carolyn's advise!
That Sunday Night, I ordered beads.  When they arrived on Tuesday,
 I had already torn out the first set of beads and had an empty basket
waiting to fill!
Hooray!  It is done!
My Gorgeous Beaded Glass Flower Basket!
I could now finish and frame my Sweet Pea Sampler!
Thanks for viewing!
and Happy Stitching, everyone!


Sunday, February 3, 2013



Check out my NEWLY Designed Web-site!
It went live yesterday morning!


We are at the TNNA MARKET in Long Beach, CA!

Almost all of the NEW designs are on the site in the What's New section...

Eight New Patterned Christmas Pears...will post those later today!

Sweet Pea Sampler Finished

More to come Later.....
Keep checking back

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012 Finishes!

The Tree Club: Seven Trees Stitched

in Early Months of 2012

January 2012
Elegant Rebekkah Pilgrim

May 2012 
Indian Scout

October 2012
Witch's Tools

November 2012
Dark Star Little Present

December 2012
Christmas Crazy Quilt                                

2012 Work In Progress Projects:

The WIPs...these took alot of my time, writing lessons, stitching, working
out the threads and stitches, etc.  The only thing left to do is background 
and a bit of work on the Garlands!

Jonathon Pilgrim

Indian Squaw:

Elegant Turkey

Sweet Pea Sampler

And so into 2013, 
I will continue to work on the

Happy Stitching, All!