Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012 Finishes!

The Tree Club: Seven Trees Stitched

in Early Months of 2012

January 2012
Elegant Rebekkah Pilgrim

May 2012 
Indian Scout

October 2012
Witch's Tools

November 2012
Dark Star Little Present

December 2012
Christmas Crazy Quilt                                

2012 Work In Progress Projects:

The WIPs...these took alot of my time, writing lessons, stitching, working
out the threads and stitches, etc.  The only thing left to do is background 
and a bit of work on the Garlands!

Jonathon Pilgrim

Indian Squaw:

Elegant Turkey

Sweet Pea Sampler

And so into 2013, 
I will continue to work on the

Happy Stitching, All!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Farewell to Mikey

 Mikey 1996 - 2013

Sweet Boy Kitty

 Rest In Peace

Sitting on top of my needlepoint in the studio,
before I moved out of the house!

Yes, laying up against a needlepoint pillow!

Healthier, younger days back in Shaker Heights.

last picture.

It was a sad day.  Mikey stopped eating and drinking on Wednesday, 
and removed himself from our daily world.  Just hung out under the 
dining room table,
and let us know in his own way that he was tired and ready to go.

John and I got Mikey in December of 1995, and he pretty much became
John's cat.  He was all guy!  Very macho. A great hunter in his day.  He
would leave us 'presents' on the back stoop! 
The past few years he perched on the back of the sofa right above me
 as I needlepointed in the evenings.  He was not the kind of kitty 
that you could just reach up and pet.  When he was ready for 
affection, he would nonchalantly stretch out a paw and press on
 my shoulder ever so lightly.  God forbid if I ignored the paw! 
 The press would get more firm, and he would then swish his tail 
into my face and eyes so that I could not
see the stitching!  He knew exactly what he was doing! 

He lived a good, long kitty life, and we enjoyed 17 years with him.
We will miss him.