Monday, September 26, 2011

Garland Finito!

Hello Stitching Friends!

I am so excited to Report Rebekkha's Garland is finished.  Well, mostly!  I am still debating about whether or not to add more picot needlewoven leaves at top of columns?  What will I do?  I'm sure a few of you will start a bet on Stitcherie!  Hah! 
                  A few more exciting elements have come together, as well:

The columns are worked out!...The top pale gold is finished, the next pale gold
is still needing one additional layer of Long stitches.

The gourds are just wonderful!

Close-up of Left corner!
(See, don't ya think it needs a couple of dimensional leaves under The gourds?)

Well, I must admit, I have been working for two straight days to arrive at this point
on my stitching of Rebbekkha.  A wonderful 2 days of focused Stitching!
My goal is to have her done by next weekend, so that Indian Scout can be started!!!!  
I am just itching to work on him!

I LOVE how the water looks like it is rippling and catching the light as it moves!!!!

Here is the ad which just came out in the Sept/Oct issue of the Needlepoint Now Magazine:
So, if you haven't already done so:
call 1-800-851-6931 to sign up
Join Stitch Along with Kelly!  

And, lastly I leave you with a few sneak peeks of the New 
Kelly's Club
which will be starting in March 2012:

Anne and I have both been stitching our little fingers off!
What are these cool objects?  When will it be time for the Reveal???
Keep checking back!
Happy Stitching!!!


  1. Absolutely stunning. You are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good to see you back. We're kind of enjoying the "Where in the world is Kelly Clark" kind of thing.
    Gorgeous work as usual Kelly, can't wait for it to start and I also am dying to see the Indian one. And I also agree with you, there's a need for some dimmensional leaf on the left, just to balance it with the right
    Maybe we should start a guessing game for the next club - will have a word with KB

  3. Hi Kelly,
    This piece is absolutely amazing!!

  4. Wonderful! beautiful! and how do you do it Kelly? how do you manage to design so many awesome canvases? and stitch with such time consuming detail? You are amazing!

  5. You are a tease! What are those magical treats at the bottom? I will keep checking back!

    Stephanie Ashworth

  6. This is amazing. Love the details...don't know how you do it all but glad you do.

    Sue VanderNoor

  7. Oh My Gosh! Absolutely Fabulous! When do we get our kits? I am salivating. LOL

  8. Oh what a treat to see you work your magic on this fun, fun piece. The technique used on the rippling water is ingenious and most effective, yet so simple. My favorites, however, are the various pumpkins; whether beaded or raised work, they're wonderful! Thank you for sharing your talents and ideas, Kelly.

  9. I love the whole thing! What thread did you use for the eggplant? I feel like I could pluck it off the garland and cook it up! Is there padding underneath the eggplant? It looks 3d!