Monday, September 5, 2011

Finally, Back to Work on Rebekkha!

Hello Everyone!  
Well Labor Day is nearly over and I was able to log some great stitching hours
over the weekend!  Below is a view of the Garland from a distance. 
I have to admit that I have been a bit stuck on the Garland, so I worked on the sky and clouds and stitching in more background.  As I worked on the repetitive stitching, I just kept looking at her Garland, and thinking about Threads, Stitches & Techniques!  What to do?  The problem was that I loved the work on the right so much, that I was worried that the left side wouldn't meet the high bar set on the other side.  Why, you might ask?
Well, here are the areas that had me stumped:
Pumpkin.  This is the apex of the Garland, and the Pumpkin just has to be spectacular! 
I am still on the fence with the current is the second one.  Below is my first rejected pumpkin:
                                                         The Long & Short Satin stitches
                                                                   just were not working!

                                         This is the Trapunto Applique Wool Felt Pumpkin
The Little Mum Flowers posed another problem for me.  When I painted these little fleurs, I was envisioning the silk ribbon loop stitches.  When I actually stitched them, they just didn't balance well within the out they came, and I went with the 
silk ribbon French Knots:

Gourds...Well, the problem here was the Eggplant on the right turned out soooo gorgeous, how could I make these gourds even come close to that?!!!  Well, they are under way, and I am finally pleased with them:
I am still planning to add more detail stitching over the top gourd in both the orange
and the green areas of the gourd!

Well that's all for now!  Happy Stitching All...and I"ll be posting again soon!


  1. Looks great Kelly. So far pretty balanced between right and left. Love it all. So interesting to hear that when you paint you have a vision of the stitch. Can't wait to start this one. Not only because it is gorgeous but also because you give us the opportunity to learn new techniques which we probably wouldn't actively look for.

  2. "probably wouldn't actively look for." Hum? Hope that is a good thing! Yes, indeed, I really do 'think stitches' alot of the time when I am painting!
    Thanks, Palma!

  3. Bead Mr. Pumpkin. Try threading the beads on beading wire so you can bend them to follow the flow of the sections. Beading wire can be couched down to hold it where you want it.

  4. Yes, that's exactly what I would do. You may need size 14 or 15 beads to have the right scale and I'd use round beads, not the hex ones for this. You might be able to use 14 orange beads for Mr. Pumpkin and brown size 15 ones for the dividing lines. Or maybe you could couch a thick perle thread over the dividing lines so that they stand out. Something like Very Velvet might be fun for that. But you know best what scale you need and the look you are going for. When I need a dramatic statement on a piece, I use beads. They spell DRAMA. LOL By the way, this looks wonderful. You really have the touch with painted canvases.

  5. Hi Kelly,
    This piece is just spectacular. Your stump work, felting and ribbon work really bring this piece to a new level.

  6. Have you thought about ribbon for the pumpkin? I think it maybe should be shinier as you said it should stand out. I have signed up for this class and am so excited that I come look here almost every day!

  7. Kelly,
    You do what you think best. I am absolutely over the moon about this project!

  8. Kelly, it is a good thing. I wouldn't do all those techniques on my own in one single piece. Now, with a helping hand guiding me, that's another story :)
    I like Jane's suggestion with the beads and wire.

  9. Kelly - can we take this class "remotely"? I live in Minneapolis but love the canvases and the techniques. I especially like the stumpwork and the ribbon work. I'm happy to see that even the "experts" take stitches out and redo them.

  10. Jackie, Absolutely!!! This is a 9 Lesson Series.
    Please contact The Needle Works at
    512-451-6931 to sign up. Each Lesson will be kitted
    with Canvas, Threads, Instructions and more!
    It will be shipped November 1st.

  11. Hi Kelly, what kind of ribbon are you using in this one?

  12. 4mm over-dye from Treenway Silks in Ontario

  13. Hello Kelly, I've been following Needle Works since I went there in June while visiting my cousin in Texas; I;m in Philadelphia, PA. Your work is fascinating and I aspire to be able to stitch at your level someday. Therefore, may I respectful ask what stitch that you used for the sky in Rebekkha? I am doing a mermaid with a lot of sky and I think that it would look good. Thank you so much for your help. Cheryl