Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Decorating!

Hello All!  
I must admit, this Post is inspired by Needlepoint's own Robin King.  
I loved her post with the decorating ideas so much, that I thought I'd share a bit of my own!  Often, when I travel to teach, folks ask, "What do you do with your
needlepoint?"  Most years, during the Autumnal holidays, my pieces are out traveling with 
Trunk Shows,  (Designer's models lead a very Lofty life!)  So, last year, I decided to quick 
stitch up a few new pieces from my Stash...just to have some of my own handi-work in the displays!  It also helped diminish the Stash just a bit.  You know, if we all made the goal of stitching 1 piece a month from the stash...?  Oh who am I kidding?  Whenever the stash goes down, I just think I've earned the right to ad a few more pieces!  :~)

Anyway, Here are some pics of a few of the displays popping up around here:
This is the Bar Height Counter looking over into Kitchen.
At right, the little mini Pumpkin from AT.  That was a quickie...stitched in a night!
In Center is a Mindy of the stash pieces stitched in 2010!  Just LOVE this Folk Art Piece!
At left is a little Felted Jack 'O that I made this year!
I LOVE Folk Art Halloween, and every year, I try to make a few new pieces for my displays...
Why limit myself to just Needlepoint?  
This sweet little table is in my Entry Hall.  For those Antiquers out there, it is a burl veneered kidney table with the sweetest little cabriole legs...very blonde in coloration...lovely piece!
The little fancy box is a Patty Paints Crow.  Patty is the Queen of Halloween Folk Art and she is a good friend!  This is another piece stitched from my stash in 2010.
My little daughter, Olivia, loves to craft with Mommy!  We made the paper mache' pumpkins a few nights ago...she did all of the painting! Livi gets a little frustrated with the Mache' work...she makes the flour glue, gets started with the shaping, but then quickly frustrated, when, "It doesn't look like a pumpkin yet, Mommy!"  I quick get one to pumpkin status so she can sponge paint, then take over on the mache' work of the other one!  In the end, I think they look 
perfectly Rustic and Autumnal!
This is Mister Scarecrow from Kelly Clark Needlepoint. 
He is the first piece I ever did with Fancy Stitches!
Canvas & SG Avaiable through your LNS!
Pretty witch from Kelly Clark Needlepoint, stitched and SG written by Janet Perry.
Canvas & SG Avaiable through your LNS.
And an Adorable little Witches Hat Punch Needle framed piece.
I went on a Punch Needle kick in '06...did 3 pieces, bought about 20 and haven't
done Punch Needle since!

I am waiting on 3 of my newer pieces to come back from Finisher...
When they are set up in their new displays, I'll post again!

So Friends, a little peek into my World!
Hope you have enjoyed.  :~)

Until next time, Keep on Stitchin'!


  1. WOW. Thanks for the shout-out, Kelly. Your decorating and stitching is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love them all Kelly especially the part where you and your kids do it together. There's no more magical moment than that

  3. Beautiful and fun! I want to Trick or Treat at your house!

  4. Love all of the pictures Kelly! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful!

  5. I love your decorations, Kelly! I love decorating for Halloween/Fall. I have several stitched pieces from my needlepoint days and I love getting them out every year.

  6. Thanks Kelly for showing off the witch & scarecrow, they remain 2 of my favorite SGs ever.

    Keep stitching,