Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Dramatic Pumpkin!

When last I left you, Dear Readers, 
I was contemplating the right treatment for the Pumpkin at the center of the Garland above Rebbekkha...
All I have to say is that, "If our Dear Chilly Hollow Jane gives you an idea or a stitch, 
Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200...Just do what she says!":

The key was using matt finish opaque and frosted beads...very Pumpkin-like!
I put the strands of beads right over the wool felt.  It works as the perfect padding!

Look how gorgeous and Dramatic the Pumpkin turned out!
Happy Stitching & Have a Great Week everyone!


  1. Magnifico! Hope to see you in Austin soon!

    Stephanie Ashworth

  2. Fabulous! Great idea, Jane! Beautiful execution, Kelly!

  3. Wow, gorgeous, love it.
    Jane, the Master Enabler :) Never fails :)
    Kelly, the level of anxiety is growing with every post - can't wait to start your series.By the way, yesterday I went to Ruth and got the Trixie, Dixie and Peach - they're even more adorable "in person". Great job

  4. Happy to help out. Needlepointers do that, you know. The pumpkin is fabulous, as I expected. Put beads and Kelly Clark in the same room and of course magic happens!

  5. I had already decided to have your Handsome Tom Turkey as my next project when I stumbled upon your blog. Your work blows me away! It is like you have painted the Sistine Chapel and I am over here finger-painting. I could console myself that most people who embrace needlepointing have been on this earth for a very long time and have had many years to perfect their craft. But you are younger than I am! We have children in the same age range, but I only have 2 to distract me while you have 3! I take my hat off to your beautiful work and your successful business. I am going to give your online class through the Needleworks a go. I hope to do the turkey with the goal of being done with the garland and the background from the earlier classes by the time you teach the actual bird in May. Thank you for sharing your talent! Nora from San Diego
    ps: This is the first time I have ever responded to a blog and perhaps you will get 3 versions of my comment. Sorry!

  6. Love this series and the pumpkin is outstanding. But, no you said, listen to Jane, Master Enabler and Ideologist (is that a word?) You get my drift

    Sue V