Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where Is Kelly?

Hello All!  Where Is Kelly?

Well I must admit that I am at that space where Summer is Fading and Back-to-School is just around the corner!  I can't wait!!!!  

I have been painting ALOT of new product for 2012!  Sorry, no sneak peeks, yet!   

And, although not ready for another Post, I have actually been stitching alot on background and filler stuff for Thanksgiving series. And lastly, on the stitching front, have started stitching on my newest Kelly Club which will begin in March 2012.  It's definitely not time for a reveal, but I can show a tiny sneak peak:
It's so necessary to take a break and work on something Small and Fun, 
when you are tackling a Big Series!

The end of July brought John's nieces from Ohio.  We had a wonderful visit and the little cousins were soooo delighted to hang w/ the big Cousins.  We spent a perfect day at The Beach in Galveston, and just relaxing in general!  A little taste of vacation!
John with Nieces, Aleks and Krista and the Little Cousins
My Girls with Cousin Aleks, whom they Idolize!
These last 2 weeks have been agonizing!  I LOVE,
Love, love my kiddos, but they really need to go back to school!  Olivia, my 8 year old, has taken to making 'potions' of colored water...mostly purple...and adding to her 'dead battery' collection.  There isn't a single tiny bottle in the house not filled with purple water!  Every item in the house that takes batteries has been checked twice.  Olivia doesn't necessarily replace with live batteries, but the deads are taken!  Grace, my 11 year old, spends most of her time on Facebook, or watching Disney & NICK sit-com re-runs, ad nauseam!! She watches
Olivia on Zip-line at Camp!                            Grace at Cheer Class at Camp!                                   Jack trying out his Look!

Make-up tutorials on You-Tube and then hides away in her bathroom and practices.  I got really tired of my make-up disappearing, so I broke down and got her a kit of Theater Make-up!  Also, talking on the phone with friends...when I come anywhere close, she changes rooms and slams doors!  The Tween years are not starting pretty! Jack my 14.5 year old sleeps 'til the crack of 1 in the afternoon...spends most of his time in his room, or riding his bike, or hanging at a friends.  He is actually the least trouble right                                                                                                                          Lucy, our Golden-doodle will miss her play-mates, alot!                              
now...but that will change once there are expectations...
ie: homework/schoolwork!!!!                                              

And I leave you with only one little Needlework picture taken from my Stumpwork Sampler:

Sweet Peas and Strawberries!

Happy Stitching!  I will Post more Thanksgiving Soon!


  1. Hi Kelly,
    What a wonderful family you have. The school year will also bring it's problems.
    When you have children, it is never ending.
    Love the sweet peas and strawberries. Hope you will open it up to all of us.

  2. My words exactly - what a beautiful family you have, thank you for posting their pictures and stories.I can't believe it is almost back to school time again, wow. I remember the feeling (my daughter is in college now) and it was something I did look forward to and in some way so did she.
    And once again you leave us wondering what could that little thing/next year club be? You're good at that :)

  3. Kelly, Don't worry about Grace. I just read an extensive article about Bobbi Brown and that is EXACTLY how she started! And we all know what happened to her!!

  4. Thanksgiving is looking good. Very good, in fact

    Looking forward to the sneak peaks later on

    Sue V