Monday, March 3, 2014

Stumpwork Sampler FINISHED!!!!!

As I mentioned on Facebook this January, my operating rule for 2014 is that I have to complete a
(Work In Progress)
for every new canvas I start.  A Daunting task, 
but none-the-less, try I must!
Two weeks ago I realized that it is time for me to start stitching on 
a new Retailers Club that I plan to
 reveal in April/May...
so that meant I had to finish something!  Yikes!  What would it be?
Well I pulled out my Stumpwork Sampler to have a look.
It was close.  Only the outer borders and beading and trim
around the Nosegay left to stitch!  I could do it! 
Here are a few close-up pics:

The Sampler is composed of some of my favorite things.
Each and every item stitched has a special meaning for me.  I can't wait
to have it framed and place it where I can cherish it always!

And just a tiny sneak peek at my Upcoming Retailers Club:

Until next time,
Happy Stitching all!


  1. I am completely gob-smacked by this glorious piece of needlework! The variety of stitches is extensive, but the overall effect is so harmonious. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Love the word Gob-smacked! Tee-hee! Thanks! Karen!

  3. Oh that's gorgeous. I'm working on designing myself. You are very talented. Do you paint your own canvases. What is the retailers club

  4. Please say this stitch guide is available!

    1. Suzanne, this was not a painted canvas. I started with a line drawing of ovals and squares and rectangles, stitched backgrounds first, then added everything on top out of my li'l noggin. Soooo,
      I have to figure out how I will do this!!!

    2. That's perfect. I prefer working from charts. I'll look forward to your publishing a guide!

  5. Well done Kelly, I know how hard it is to finish a UFO this big. The final piece is wonderful. Congratulations.

    1. Arlene, WOW! All the way from the land down under! Just saw your blog and love how you converted your stitching studio!
      A Great space...and I LOVE the crazy quilt curtains! Brilliant

  6. Wow, amazing stitching! I'm completely in love with it!

  7. This is dazzling! What a treat to look at each area.

    On a separate topic, can you do a blog article about using your matching fabrics from Spoonflower for making pillows. What weight fabric do you recommend? Show how you would use the fabrics together, etc. Thanks!

    1. Gretchen Thanks for the idea! I will add it to my list of posts coming soon! :~)

  8. I'm totally flabbergasted and in love!!

  9. Kelly my friend, this is so awesome. I think my favorite part is the goldfish. But it's hard to pick. You set the bar pretty high Mrs.! Miss you. Xoxo Patty B.

  10. I also want it to be able to!