Sunday, March 9, 2014

Background Stitches all completed on Halloween Crazy!

Now it is time for the good stuff!
Seam Treatments and More Embellishing!
I Can't wait!  I have lot's O' Goodies in mind!

And a few close ups of the last sections stitched:
Along came a Spider!

Or Nu Jack-O-Lantern!


This is soooo exciting to be so close to finishing another canvas!

Just need to get into my Zen place where I can completely
let all other thought drain away and just allow the
"Out-of-the-needlepoint-box-thinking" to
take over.  Face it, when we stitchers look at the piece
above, it would normally be considered done...every section is stitched...
there is nothing 'Un-done" on the canvas.  

Not for Crazy Quilting!  No-no-no.  
Not done!


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