Thursday, May 3, 2012

Christmas Crazy Quilt Under Way!

The Christmas Crazies have begun!
No not shopping...
The minute these canvases arrived in the Studio, I wanted to grab
stretcher bars, staple gun, tape, threads and get started.  The feeling was quite
palpable!  However, I was good and held off for a couple of weeks!
This is so Cool!
I got started while I was out in Tucson for Dad's Funeral.
My good friend, Colleen Church, gave me some sage advice before that trip.
She said, "Don't take any work projects that have a deadline or are part of a Class
or Club.  You don't want to feel any pressure, or have that piece trigger any added
anxiety."   I thought about it and agreed.  This Christmas Crazy was the only piece I took
with me on that trip.  That in itself is rare.  I usually take a minimum of four projects on every
trip!  And it is often about 6 or 8!  You know how we Stitchers are...what if we run out of
things to work on?  What if I need to buy a thread for one of these pieces, and there is a great
shop to visit where I am going?  What if I decide to go to an Open Stitch group and I can't
decide which piece to work on?...better take several just to be sure!
I figured, "If I am in the mood to stitch, I can, but if I'm not, then no
big problem.  I will be writing a guide for this one, but there is no looming time-frame, at all!

I am having so much FUN picking threads and stitches! 
My goal with the selections is always to create an interesting patch with a minimum of 2 different
thread elements for each section.  I also love 'Repeating Themes'. 
Checkerboards, for instance!  Love 'em, have to have 'em! 

I have already started to think about what seam treatments I will use and colors for
silk definitely needs Chartreuse...that's a given!

But now I must put fabulous Christmas Crazy down for awhile and get back to work 
on my 'real' projects!

Posting Very Soon 
will be 
The Finished Thanksgiving Scout!
Until next time,
Happy Stitching!

PS. The way cool & Blingy Needle Magnet is from Accoutrement Designs!
Isn't it perfect for this piece?


  1. Just beautiful - covet, covet, covet!

  2. Hi Kelly,
    Love the Christmas Crazy Quilt! You one very talented and busy lady.

  3. I am very sorry about your dad, Kelly. I miss mine daily although I lost him in 1993. It's not a role anyone else can fill, but at least we had great dads for a while!

  4. I LOVE stitching the spring crazy quilt. Can't wait to try Christmas Crazy.
    Kathy Wallace/Needle Graphics