Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pilgrim Gent & Indian Brave

Well Hello Stitchers!  I had every intention of blogging last night.  In fact I even told Colleen,
"I'm fixin' to blog here in a little bit!"  (Can y'all hear the Texas?  What has become of this Ohio Girl?)  Anyway, somehow I got completely distracted and didn't.  Now, for the life of me, I can't figure out why, or what happened?  Could it have been my three swimmers all having time trials at different times all evening from 4:30 'til after 7?  Could it have been hubby calling at eleventh hour to say he was working late?  Could it have been my 6th grader coming to me in tears and saying I had forgotten to turn in her paperwork for next school-years volleyball team, and she didn't get her uniform yesterday like all of her friends?
(Never mind that she didn'texactly give me the paperwork, and it's her job to turn in the paper-work...I am not a middle-schooler!!)  ARGH!!!!  Nah, couldn't have been any of that!
I am so thrilled with how well he is turning out.  He is the perfect counter to our Elegant Rebekkah!  Although he is not fancy, by any means, there is a simple Classic Elegance to his costume.  The jacket actually looks like a gorgeous brocade cloth, which would have been woven in Belgium and purchased in London.  His bride would have hand embroidered the silk leaf treatment around the hem of his coat.  The rifle looks so Cool!  It was an item that had me stumped for a while and yes, I did rip it out twice before arriving at the perfect thread and stitch combination!
Adding the final button-hole wrap stitch to hat-brim.
Hat Finished, with buckle and scrunched silk hat-band.  Gorgeous!
Some of you may be wondering why you don't see any garland or background stitching?  Well, I am trying
something a little different than my normal stitching method.  In order to stay on the established Lesson schedule, it occurred to me that I would just focus on 'new stitching' for the next 2 characters.  In other
words, stitch the characters, their costume & accoutrement, then go back and stitch the backgrounds!
To finish up this post, I thought I would show a few close-ups from Indian Brave

Beaded and wrapped moccassins.
Corn silks added to beaded field corn.
Look at all of his beading!

So Elegant Thanksgiving Fans, until next time,
Happy Stitching!


  1. You are unbelievably imaginative amid the chaos!

  2. He's gorgeous Kelly. Rebekkah will be thrilled

    1. I know, right? Hum? Maybe there should be some kiddos
      added to the series?