Sunday, April 15, 2012

Life's Journey

I last Posted on Wednesday Morning March 21, 2012.
Remember I was stitching like a madwoman on The Brave, and I was
determined to finish him over the coming weekend.
Well that was not meant to be.
Shortly after I posted, the phone rang and it was my brother.
"Why are you calling during the day?  You work for a living and you
Never call me during the day?!" I said.
"That's right, I guess I never do call you during the day.
"I'm calling to tell you Dad has taken a real bad turn, and we have called in Hospice."
Within 18 hours I was on a plane on my way to Tucson.
When I arrived Dad had actually been taken into the hospital.  The whole Hospice thing
just wasn't meant to be for him.  I was able to spend Dad's last three days with him.
I have a fond memory of spending an entire afternoon sitting next to the bed.
Dad sleeping peacefully and me stitching.
Dad and me when I visited Mid January 2012,
prior to the Phoenix TNNA Market.  I feel so blessed that I had taken a brief time
for that visit.  I have a fond memory of Mom, Dad & I going to a lovely Italian restaurant.
Dad was a retired Attorney and had helped me greatly with contracts and such over
my design career. 
Farewell Dad, you shall be greatly missed!


  1. Thank you, Kelly. A lovely tribute. Mum

  2. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason and the timing of market and the chance of being with your dad are proof of that. I am sure as much as it meant to you it meant to him as well and it is so good to hear you were close. That's a sweet picture of the two of you

  3. Thanks Palma, you are a dear. It's true, that Market is always in CA...It was just a scheduling quirk that put it in AZ!

  4. I lost my Dad in 1995 and still miss him but have so many memories. So glad you were there for him...a very special time. I agree with Palma, it all happens for a reason so just go with it.

    Take some time for you and enjoy

    Sue V

  5. So sorry for you loss, Kelly! Really, we were never created to die and the pain we feel when separated by death from our loved ones proves that to us over and over again.

    Rest assured that your dad is in the safest place in the universe now - the infallible memory of the Most High. He's sleeping peacefully and dreamlessly, awaiting a resurrection to life as it should be - in paradise on a cleansed earth.

    Many hugs!

  6. Elizabeth & Sue- Thank You ever so for your beautiful comments.

  7. I'm so sorry for your loss, Kelly. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. I am heartbroken to hear about your dad, Kelly. I feel honored that I got to meet him several times! Please accept my deepest sympathy and please extend it to John, Marny and your mom. I am sure your dad is still watching over you right now!

  9. Oh Edie! Thanks so much. It is heartbreaking.