Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Tisket, A Tasket, How to Stitch a Basket!

An Elegant Basket of Bounty!
This was stitched way back in the fall, but I somehow misplaced 
the photos!  Yesterday, I was looking through my archived stitching 
photos for something else entirely, and 
ran across the Basket Step-by-step pics!
Even if you aren't stitching with us on the Elegant Thanksgiving, 
the pics are quite helpful for any needle-weaving project! 
Memory wire was used to create the shape for the Basket.  
Also, as the top row of the Basket, Memory wire provides a wonderful 
stability during weaving.
After securing the memory wire, the first color of the Warp threads 
are set in place.  The golden thread loops the wire and goes back down.
The Warp has a second color, brown this time.
 More of the brown is in!
Now that all of the Warp threads are set in place, it is time
for the weft weaving.  This basket uses an 
'Over-2, Under-2' weave sequence...
Notice how the needle lays 
Over the brown threads and Under the golden threads!
STEP 3 Complete
All of the Needle-weaving is done!
Using the brown, a row of Buttonhole Wrap Stitches is 
done across the top.
This step gives a finished look to the rim of the Basket!
And here is our lovely Basket brimming with Bountiful Harvest for THANKSGIVING!

Never fear, The Brave is coming along.  We took the kids to the Beach at North Padre for Spring Break last week and I stitched on him like a fiend!  Yesterday I worked on Brave from 1:30 in the afternoon until after midnight!  My goal is to finish him by the end of the week!  I wish I could finish him today, but I don't want to set up for failure, 
in case I don't make it!
A Few Pics from Brave Stitching:

Another Eggplant!
Catch of the Day...still stitching!
 Lovely Woven Grass Column!


  1. TWO colors of warp threads? Thee is a genius!
    Jane, wondering why I didn't think of that here in CH

  2. I love the idea of the memory wire for the top edge of the basket. Makes a great edge and makes the needleweaving easier. Love it!

  3. I love it. I plan to start my Rebekkah during the retreat in Hilton Head. Good to see you in action Kelly. Hope all is well. We miss you

  4. Thanks so much for the pics/Lesson on Basket Weaving. Very helpful. I haven't started my Rebekkah and The Brave is getting impatient. This blog is so great and I need to get started.

    Sue V