Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A touch of Lace!

Hello All!  
 I am really, really trying to finish our pretty Rebekkha!  
The past few nights I have been stitching into the wee-wee hours 
0' the morn'! (Sunday & Monday nights til 2AM!)
Saturday I spent the entire day writing Lesson 1 for 
The Thanksgiving Series!
I am quite pleased with the lesson, and it is now at the Proofer!  
Hooray!! Sunday was nearly an all day stitch-fest on her.  
Last night was not so late...only 11:45! 
 This post is completely un-planned.  My goal was to get her finished 
and then write one  Final Post.  But, I was so very excited about her
 Apron last night, that I just had to show it off:
Look at this gorgeous Lace!
Our Lady Pilgrim will also have lace trim on her Bonnet! 

  The lace is a new product line from Access Commodities.  Aren't they fabulous?
All for now!
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  1. How exciting is this lace...Wow!!!! She is looking very good and glad I signed up. Looking forward to the adventure and new techniques.

    Sue V

  2. Beautiful, love the lace. Must order it! The apron is wonderful.

    BeStitched Needlepoint