Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pretty Lady!

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she beautiful?
I am working oh so diligently to finish her!  I keep thinking, in the evening when I pick her up to stitch, "Tonight is the night I'll finish her!  I just know it!"  Then, after stitching as long and late as I possibly can, it doesn't happen!  Don't get me wrong, don't be discouraged...there has been a significant amount of  'un-stitching' going on in the process!   
I tried 5 different flesh shades and combinations of them before I was pleased with her
lovely face! 
Pretty Lady!
 The hair is the 3rd set of threads and stitches...more about those
trials and errors when I post Lesson 3!
Once the flesh shading was right, I then did her hands four times.  
The problem with the hands was they need to be 'holding' the basket, 
and the basket is needle-woven!  When they looked wrong, they didn't
look just a little wrong they looked HORRIBLE!  Tee-Hee!
Isn't the Basket choc full o' Fall goodness?
This is one area that needed absolutely no 'un-stitching', HOORAY!
The basket and all of the goodies inside just stitched beautifully the first time 
off the needle!
So, rest assured, She is nearly done, and I will be posting a HUGE celebration on that day!

I leave you with a bit more of my 

Keep on Stitching!
Happy Autumn Everyone!


  1. Hands are hard, harder than faces in my opinion. But you have made her lovely. I am enjoying watching her grow into a real person. Thanks for posting about Rebekkha.

  2. Hey girl, that's why we haven't heard from you in a while. Good to have you back, we missed you. Rebekkha looks great and I can't wait to have her here

  3. Hi Kelly! As I see more and more of your work I'm more and more amazed at your talent! Could you please answer a question for me? I love this Elegant Thanksgiving series and am thinking about ordering it. Do you and/or your canvas painters stitch-paint each canvas to exactly match your original model? I ordered a 12-canvas set from another designer a few years ago, and was dismayed to find that the overall integrity of the original designs had been comprised by sloppy painting to where I could not duplicate a lot of the design elements because there was no room available. I'll be waiting to hear from you and thank you for your time!

  4. Thank You for your question. We strive to have the
    best replication possible. I have been pleased with
    the Painters I use, and have thousands of happy
    customers w/ very few reports ever of mis-painting.
    It is unfortunate you have had issues in the past.
    The Thanksgiving series are quite lovely, and I am enjoying the stitching. We would be happy to have you join!

  5. Kelly, thank you so much for responding so quickly! I'm an intermediate stitcher looking to broaden my repertoire with silk ribbon work as well as more difficult needlepoint stitches, and this series just seems to fit the bill! I am absolutely entranced by the artistry and beauty of this series!! Now I'm going to have a serious talk with my husband about what I want for Christmas this year! Thank you again and I hope to be signing up soon!
    Myra Ernst