Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stumpwork Garland on Lady Rebekkha

I am soooo Excited to show the Garland:

I just Love how the Garland is coming to life!  
When I envisioned, sketched and then painted this series,
the Garland had magical qualities in my mind!  I know that sounds silly.  Yes the Characters were important.  Absolutely!  They had to be lovely, indeed.  But the Garland sets the Stage  
and brings Drama to the equation!  Bringing it to stitching life completes the circle and makes me happy!
A few Close-ups:
Acorns and Ultra-suede Applique Oak Leaves, along with the Eggplant Sepals.

Red Tipped Cabbage and Grapes...each motif took an entire night of stitching to complete!  Nearly every stitch of the cabbage is carefully laid/folded/twisted and then immediately tacked in place using a sharp needle...also the red silk ribbon is ruched before being tacked in place. Very fussy detail stitching, but worth the effort!!!
The grapes look edible!

The Sunflower in Silk Ribbon.
Such a happy flower!  Those of you following may notice that I changed the 
Picot Leaf under the Eggplant. -see post on July 30th, 2011-  The first leaf was quite sloppy and my 
tension had gotten irregular, therefore mis-shaping the wires.  This leaf makes me happy!

So now you are up-to-date with what I have been stitching!

Join us on this Stitch Along Adventure!  
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  1. Hi Kelly,
    This piece is just magnificent. You have really taken canvas embellishment to another level.

  2. Awesome Kelly, beautiful work. I hope we can keep up with you - can't wait for the first lesson although I have to say I'm aprehensive

  3. Have you thought about teaching a stumpwork class at the upcoming January TNNA market? If so, count me in - your work is gorgeous!

  4. Kelly, This is just magnificent!!!! What a beautiful piece!

  5. I am in awe of your embellishment technique and envy your skill. There's a masterpiece unfolding here. Stunning!

  6. Thank You all so much for the positive and gushing feed-back! I am trying to push the envelope a bit here, and it is so nice to know that is being recognised and well received!

  7. WOW.. this is crazy good. Love the texture, the colors and can't thank you enough for sharing it! Happy Holidays! Jules ~