Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stump-work Started on Lady Pilgrim!

Another Sneak Peek of Rebekkha:
The Eggplant and Acorns!

Dimension under way!!!!
Join my Stitch Along Club, sponsored by The Needle Works!!!!!
Call today and sign up!  
1st Lesson to ship out on November 1st!  


  1. Kelly! After the picture on the blog for The Needleworks, and this picture, I sure am having a hard time resisting this club!! I haven't finished my Nativity, or my Halloweenies, but how can I possibly resist this gorgeous series??!!

    I think we need the "club" to make a Sip and Stitch trip to Zihuatanejo, to sip margaritas and stitch your gorgeous designs!! I have the PERFECT location in mind. You were a virtual guest a couple yrs ago via your DVD. Now we need a real trip!!

    take care, and keep up your great work!!
    Kathy Wommack

  2. Kathy! How delightfully perfect! Sip Tea & Coffee
    in morn, Margaritas at lunch, wine at dinner,
    then Baileys for dessert! The local looks fabulous...I saw myself as a virtual guest a few years back!!! Amy and I got a major chuckle out of that!
    Sign me UP!
    PS. Shortly, I will be posting more progress on her!