Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kelly's New Sampler, Stumpwork, naturally!

Have you seen my new Sampler?
Below is the painted canvas.
Canvas KCA 021-18
Just wait 'til you see the Dimensional stitching!
 I have published a 20 page Stumpwork Work-book for the Sampler.   
It is designed so you can see and learn the various
dimensional techniques.  No, not a Traditional Stitch Guide.
It shows the steps to create the dimensional elements, and it also has
some thread suggestions.  Also, there are 4 pages of Ribbon-work 
techniques and diagrams.  
As far as background stitches...choose what suits.  
Copy my stitches, or pick your own. Have Fun! PLAY! 
This guy gives new meaning to the term a Snail's Pace!
And Don't you just Love the Koi?  He is Fun and magnificent!
Here are the same images stitched on my Gigantic Stumpwork Sampler:

This picture reminds me that I need to add the little Seed beads to Blue Snails feelers!

Some Lucsious Fruit!  At right is the Strawberry on the large Sampler.
A Fabulous Basket!  
Now comes the fun task of filling my Basket with goodies!
I think this may have to be a little Red Riding Hood Basket filled for Grandma?
Hum?  Decisions, decisions!
On a previous canvas I created a similar Basket and filled it with Stitching tools:
This Stitching Basket is from my Classic Stitching Santa.
(KCN S 100 F, available with Stitch Guide)
Don't you just love the Silver Stork Scissors?

More Berries and some Sweet Peas in a Pod!
This Berry/Peapod is actually taken from a different Sampler I did.
This Bees Skep is also taken from the same Sampler.
For the new Sampler, I am thinking of a different twist...'The Bees will be stitched the same,
but I am thinking of Needleweaving the Bees Skep, naturally.
I'll post a pic when that is done!!!!
In case some of you are curious about the Big Sampler,
Here is a Picture:
There is no painted canvas here.  
I just started stitching, and this is what Grew!
I will leave you with one Fantastic Close-up shot:
I just LOVE this Berry Vine!

And on that Note,




  1. Kelly--

    LOVE this piece! The goldfish especially.

    Can my LNS order the canvas and the stitchguide? Or do I need to get them directly from you?

    Carol S.

  2. Thanks! Your local LNS can get them! Also, a Little KIT is available which has the ultrasuede fabric & felt. Be sure to
    order all!

  3. Looks like you're having fun and isn't that what it's all about!

  4. Hi Kelly,
    This piiece is magnificent. Looking forward to learning all the new techniques.

  5. Kelly - this takes my breath away! You are so unbelievably creative! I must add this to my list of projects to stitch. Fabulous!

  6. You are beyond talented and am absolutely amazed at what you come up with. Would love to tackle this to learn more about the stumpwork...maybe after your Thanksgiving Series (currently in progress) which I also love!!!

  7. I just received this and it is beyond wonderful! It will be loads of fun trying all the techniques. You are so talented! Your large sampler is a masterpiece. The guide mentions to go to your site for instructions on how to do the koi but I can't find them. Have they not been put up yet? He is my favorite so far and would love to discover how you did him. Thanks for coming up with so many beautiful designs.

  8. Carole-Thanks for the reminder. I was so excited about posting the
    Samplers that I forgot all about posting Mr. Koi's instructions! They will be posted over weekend!!!!

  9. I don't blame you-- they are awesome. Thanks!

  10. Love...love...love it! Will the larger sampler be available in the future?

  11. Yes. There is a super surprise coming when the big
    sampler is a painted canvas...? For now, it's a secret.
    I know it should have some romantic name, but for now
    Big Sampler fits the bill! Look for it next year sometime!