Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Stumpwork on Squaw!

The Beautiful Squaw is Completely Stitched!
However, not the background. 
Yesterday was my birthday, and I treated myself to eight
totally focused hours of stitching.  It truly was a treat.  With the sole intent to
finish her.  I wasn't sure when the day started if it could actually be
done, but I had to try!  The background will have to be finished
at a later date.  Now it's time to move onto Mr. Turkey.

The Cornucopia is filled to the brim with Stumpwork Fruit & Veggies!
Notice the Stumpwork arm & hand holding the Basket!

Looking down into the Cornucopia Basket:
I really am proud of how this turned out!  
Now, all I have to do is finish writing all of the directions
and draw all of the diagrams for Lesson 8!
Small task, that!  LOL! No problem?
Y'all know what I'll be doing for the next few days!
Keep on Stitchin' everyone!


  1. She looks wonderful! I love the stitch on her cloak.

  2. WOW!!! The colors on this one are outstanding! Everything about it is outstanding! I am so glad I signed up for this series and can't wait to work on it....

  3. Happy belated Birthday, Kelly and you did wonderfully great with her. I love her and all the details. You rock Kelly, she's wonderful

  4. The gold loops on her sleeves will be fringe? Fascinating work, Kelly. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thank You All! I am writing furiously on Lesson 8!

  6. Oh Yes, Jane. Fringe! I am thinking I will cut the
    loops, but will wait until all stitching is complete.
    However, the loops are kind of growing on me! Tee-hee!