Monday, November 12, 2012

A Glimpse of Autumn!

In case you were wondering where Kelly has been?  I'll tell you.
I have been sequestered for the past 6 weeks working like a fiend on 
my new product catalogue!  The rough draft was done for the 
Baltimore TNNA Market in mid-Sept.
Surely, it could go from rough to completed in 2-3 weeks max, 
or so I thought.  Wrong!
Why-oh-why does everything take so long?  
Well, in addition to the canvas pictures, there are close up
pictures of all stitched pieces.
 Also, the catalogue  includes some 
fabulous product and decorating shots!  I got a new
Olympus camera with a macro lenz and it takes
pictures of needlework!

The good news is:
All 80 pages were sent to press 
T O D A Y !

Hopefully, the book will be at your Retailers by next week!

Here are a few of the Autumn pics for your viewing pleasure:

You'll hear from me next week...
there is a Turkey coming!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Amazing! I want to do them ALL!

  2. That definitely was viewing pleasure. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful! Will you tell us who does your finishing? It is just gorgeous!

  4. A variety of finishers here: Hats & Elvira done by Spinning Wheel in Houston. Apples Topiary & Pumpkin Crow by Funda's Finishing in Fort Worth. Ghost Pillow by Embellishments Distinctive Pillows (Now owned by Funda.) These two finishers work to the trade only, so check to see if your LNS uses either of them.
    And lastly, Witch's Tools & Autumn Basket by Kelly.(I used to do
    All of my own finishing...but there aren't enough hours in the day!) When I am in a pinch, or under a deadline on a piece, I'll
    whip it out myself.