Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Crazy LOVE, Halloween Style

More Background sections stitched!

The Paisley in shades of Very Velvet!

The upper left wedge with the Alternating Scotch and Eyelet is
sooooooo harmonious!
As you will be able to tell from the following pics, I was in the mood to 
tackle the Chartreuse and Perriwinkle sections.  Those colors spoke to me
after completing the first few sections.

Two Upper Center sections...tilted here!
Two more Fan sections done...
Bottom Right corner
Don't you just LOVE the Chartreuse and Perriwinkle
next to each other?  I DO!
The Criss Cross Hungarian Stitch will get filler beads in the open spaces.
I am leaning toward a faceted black...I mean...this is Crazy and Halloween!

 I fell in Love with the Half Scotch Pinwheel in Black!
So much that I had to stitch it again!  This time in Perriwinkle so that the 
directional-ity of the stitch would be more evident!
Any of you who have stitched my Spring and Christmas Crazy Quilts 
will know that repeating stitches within the same piece is a theme with me!
  It is so fascinating to me how the same stitch can look so different. 
 The variety of threads and color palettes available are just
wonderful, and lend themselves to such fanciful needle play!

Of the 23 Total background sections, 
11 are done, 2 more are figured out and well along.
Leaving 10 more to go!  I am ready to tackle Oranges and Olives next!

Until next post: Happy Stitching, everyone!

PS.  I am playing the 2014 Stitching Games over at
Some of you may have read about them in the most recent
Needlepoint Now magazine.
I decided to stitch Ratzy Witch...one of the Halloweenies:
Here are the first few areas completed:


  1. It looks awesome. I just got started in needlepoint. I'm an experienced cross stitcher and I'm good at anything with a needle. I'm thinking I may start painting canvases. What paint is the best kind to use

    1. Hi Sara Beth-Saw that you asked this same question over on stump-work post. I use Craft Acrylics. They are permanent on the
      mesh canvas. It is tricky stuff to paint on. As with anything...just
      takes rolling up your sleeves and practice, practice!