Saturday, January 12, 2013

Farewell to Mikey

 Mikey 1996 - 2013

Sweet Boy Kitty

 Rest In Peace

Sitting on top of my needlepoint in the studio,
before I moved out of the house!

Yes, laying up against a needlepoint pillow!

Healthier, younger days back in Shaker Heights.

last picture.

It was a sad day.  Mikey stopped eating and drinking on Wednesday, 
and removed himself from our daily world.  Just hung out under the 
dining room table,
and let us know in his own way that he was tired and ready to go.

John and I got Mikey in December of 1995, and he pretty much became
John's cat.  He was all guy!  Very macho. A great hunter in his day.  He
would leave us 'presents' on the back stoop! 
The past few years he perched on the back of the sofa right above me
 as I needlepointed in the evenings.  He was not the kind of kitty 
that you could just reach up and pet.  When he was ready for 
affection, he would nonchalantly stretch out a paw and press on
 my shoulder ever so lightly.  God forbid if I ignored the paw! 
 The press would get more firm, and he would then swish his tail 
into my face and eyes so that I could not
see the stitching!  He knew exactly what he was doing! 

He lived a good, long kitty life, and we enjoyed 17 years with him.
We will miss him.


  1. So sorry Kelly....I've typed several comments and none seem enough...really hard losing a loved pet. He sounded like a real character too.

  2. Prayers and thoughts are with you. It is never easy to lose a beloved member of the family even when you have had them for so long. He sounds like a sweet fella.

  3. My thoughts are with you. It's never easy to lose a furbaby.

  4. Thank you all for the kind words. He was a character, indeed.
    Our world will be a little lop-sided for awhile.

  5. It is always hard to loose a loving pet but we shall always remember the joy they brought to our lives and you did it so well with his memories. Big hug to you Kelly

  6. Sending you a hug, Kelly. Mikey led a long, happy life with you and I know you will miss him terribly. We have our pets for such a short time but they live on in our hearts forever.

  7. Sweet Mikey. So sorry for your loss.

  8. Mikey is playing in the tall grass with Sam Ashworth. We had her just as long and I still get a little pang of pain in my heart when I see something that reminds me of her.

  9. So sorry for your loss. They become such a big part of our lives and learn quickly how to train us!

  10. I know how your are feeling. We had to let Smelly Cat go in September after a short but agressive illness. I still see her out of the corner of my eye and some mornings hear her meowing for me to get up and feed her! Mikey looks like a very handsome fellow, I'll better there are many a feline flozzy twitching their tails in his direction in kitty heaven :-)

  11. LOVE It! You all are making me smile...I like to think he has found Sam Ashworth and Smelly Cat up in kitty heaven...for sure!

  12. We lost our beloved kitty of 13 years in October...maybe they are now friends.

  13. I am so very sorry for your loss......I am sending healing thoughts your way, my talented friend.